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Application FAQs

Am I eligible for a fee waiver and how do I apply?
Please see detailed instructions on how to apply for a fee waiver on our website. Please note, the official request for a fee waiver is submitted as part of the application, not by email. The fee waiver request must be submitted 14 days prior to your program's deadline. The option for a fee waiver request is located on the payment page after you click “submit and pay”.  The Graduate School are not able to review waivers without the submitted application. 

I’m having trouble uploading my transcript because it is security enabled.
You may email your transcript to [email protected] after you have submitted your application. 

Do I need to upload an official transcript?
No, you may upload an unofficial copy, provided it includes your name and the name of the institution. 

Am I eligible for a waiver of the English Language Proficiency requirement?
Please see Brown University’s Language Proficiency requirements, either TOEFL or IELTS.

Can you waive the Language Proficiency requirement?
You may request a waiver by emailing [email protected] after you have submitted your application. 

Do I need to send my official GRE results to the Graduate School?
Yes, if the program you are applying to requires the test, results must be submitted. The Graduate School receives official scores electronically directly from ETS, as long as you enter the school code 3094.

Can I send my official language proficiency results after I am admitted?
They should be submitted during the application process. 

How many pages should my Statement of Purpose be?
Personal statements should be 2-3 pages. 

What is the deadline for recommendation letters?
There is no separate deadline for recommendations, they should be submitted as close to the application deadline as possible for full consideration.

What web browser should I use to complete an application?
A list of web browsers supported by our vendor can be found at Please note that older browsers may appear to work correctly but you could experience some problems when you try to attach supporting materials or answer video questions (where applicable).  If you are experiencing issues and are using an unsupported web browser we recommend you update to a supported version before contacting our vendor for assistance.

When are applications due?
Application deadlines vary by program. Please refer to the Graduate School webpage for the program of interest. Note, however, that the date is determined using Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

What kind of support does the Graduate School offer doctoral students?
The Graduate School offers incoming doctoral students five years of guaranteed financial support, including a stipend, tuition remission, health-services fee, and a health-insurance subsidy. Doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences are guaranteed six years of support. This support — which may take the form of a teaching assistantship, research assistantship, fellowship, or proctorship — helps to defray the cost of tuition, and also provides a stipend to assist with living expenses during the student’s program.

What is the physical address of the Graduate School?
47 George Street
Providence, RI  02912

When should I submit official college transcripts?
If Brown University offers you admission to the Graduate School, then you must furnish official transcripts.

The grading system in my country is different. Should I convert my grade point average (GPA) to the 4.0 scale? 
No, there is no need to convert it.  Simply report what your GPA is as a number or letter grade.