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Conference Travel

Presenting papers at professional conferences is important to graduate students' academic careers and growth as professionals, and is relevant experience for careers both inside and outside of academe. The knowledge gained from attending a conference, when shared with peers at Brown, contributes to the scholarly development of the entire campus.  Graduate students who present at academic conferences can apply to the Graduate School for up to $650 to cover related travel expenses. Given funding limitations, application does not guarantee support.  Some programs have independent funds to support such travel; students should check with the Director of Graduate Study (DGS) for more information.

Eligible doctoral and master’s students will be approved and reimbursed through the Conference Travel Fund up to $650 per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) as determined by the end date of travel; reimbursement will not be granted for merely attending a conference. There is not a limit on the number of times a student can apply for funding.

In order to ensure that the Graduate School's limited conference-travel funds are distributed as equitably as possible, only doctoral students in their first through fifth years of study and master’s students are automatically eligible to apply for conference travel funding. On a case-by-case basis, the Graduate School will consider applications from sixth-year doctoral students, but the application must include a signed DGS Approval Form.

All applications must be submitted online using the UFUNDS online module. Please scan and upload conference description and appropriate documentation to UFUNDS. Applications must be received by the Graduate School 30 days prior to travel. Conference travel related questions should be submitted to [email protected] via email. 

Please note, at this time, no funding will be approved for international travel per Brown University policy. Other locations may require approval by the University’s International Travel Risk and Assessment Committee.

Note: Students enrolled in degree programs in the Division of Biology and Medicine are not eligible for this program; please see the BioMed Conference Travel Funding Policy.

The Graduate Student Council offers additional conference travel funding to cover costs for students who have exceeded their eligibility for conference funding through the Graduate School and their department.

Instructions for conference travel fund reimbursement.