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Deans’ Faculty Fellows 2016-2017

Alyce de Carteret

Department: Anthropology
Dissertation Title: The Craft of Housebuilding among the Classic Maya

Course: Ancient Worldviews: The Archaeology of Belief and Ritual

Andrew Dufton

Department: Archaeology & the Ancient World
Dissertation Title: Processing the City: Urban Change and Social Transformation in Roman North Africa (246 BCE- 193 CE)

Course: Worlds divided: Towards an Archaeology of Inequality

Patrick Heck

Department: Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences
Dissertation Title: The Role of Uniqueness Motivation in Self- and Social- Judgement

Course: Social Judgement & Decision Making

Virginia-Eirini Kilikian

Department: Applied Math
Dissertation Title: Developing Mathematical Models of Chemotaxis by Motile Bacteria

Course: Introduction to Scientific Computing

Natalie Lozinski-Veach

Department: Comparative Literature
Dissertation Title: Creaturely Constellations: Animals, Literature, and  Critical Thought after Auschwitz

Course: Species Matters: Animals in Literature, Film, and Theory

Philip Zucker

Department: Physics
Dissertation Title: Novel Probes Topological Orders

Course: Topological Matter