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Deans’ Faculty Fellows 2017-2018

Pinar Durgun

Department: Archaeology
Dissertation Title: Mortuary Places, Rituals, and Memories: Anatolian Cemeteries in Context

Course: Learning from the Dead: Interactions with the Dead in the Past and Present

Simon Freyaldenhoven

  Department: Economics 
Dissertation Title: Essays on factor models and latent variables in economics

Course: Big Data 

 Rachel Knecht

Department: History 
Dissertation Title: Visionary Calculations: Inventing the Mathematical Economy in Nineteenth Century America

Course: Women and Gender in American Capitalism

David Mittelman

 Department: Portuguese & Brazilian Studies
Dissertation Title: Knowledge and Skepticism in Modern Brazilian Literature

Course: The Future of the Past: 21st-century Fiction from the Portuguese-Speaking World

Alexander Walker

Department: Mathematics
Dissertation Title: Sums of Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms and the Gauss Circle Problem

Course: The History of Mathematics