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Dissertation Completion and Extension Proposal

All doctoral students in good standing are guaranteed five years of support, in keeping with the very best institutions. Completing the dissertation can, however, require more than five years with circumstances often differing by discipline. The Graduate School provides sixth-year doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who are in good standing tuition scholarships and support for health and dental insurance and health services. Through the Dissertation Completion Proposal (DCP), rising sixth-year students in the Humanities and Social Sciences are able to request stipend support. Rising seventh-year or later students seeking tuition scholarships and health insurance may apply through the Dissertation Extension Proposal (DEP) process. See application details below.

The Graduate School, through the DCP process, strives to provide stipend funding for all sixth-year students in good standing and recommended by their programs.

Most students receive Teaching Assistant appointments in their sixth year. Programs may decide to appoint students to a University Fellowship or a previously approved Proctorship for any semester fully supported by the program. Graduate School-supported semesters continue to be in the form of teaching assistantships.  

Programs are expected to issue to each doctoral student a written summary of the students’ standing after the first semester of year 5. 

Internal Fellowships
Students who are applying for 6th-year stipend funding are encouraged to apply for internal fellowship support at Brown open to rising 6th-year students, including distinctive interdisciplinary opportunities through participating Brown Institutes and Centers, Deans’ Faculty Fellowship, and other fellowships. The applications for these opportunities are separate from the DCP application.  Students who are selected for and accept one of these opportunities do not need to submit a DCP application.

External Fellowships
Students who have won an external fellowship during their five year guarantee period are guaranteed a sixth year of stipend support (for details, see the incentive program guidelines.) Programs are required to support the fellowship recipient in year six using the savings accrued as a result of these earlier, external fellowships. The Graduate School will cover the tuition scholarship, health services fee, and health insurance. Such students will still be asked to submit a DCP.

Please note that institutional graduate student support at Brown in the form of fellowships or assistantships, including support through institutes or centers, does not result in a sixth-year support guarantee.

Students should submit their DCP application through Brown UFunds by February 25. Students can find the application in UFunds under "Graduate School Humanities and Social Sciences Advanced Student Funding." (Please note that the application is currently being updated and expected to go live in mid-January, 2022). Programs submit the complete application package, also through UFunds, by March 8. See the timeline for full details.

Dissertation Extension Proposal
Each year there are a small number of graduate students who may need additional support in their 7th year or later. After consultation with the DGS in their program, students will be asked to submit their Dissertation Extension Proposals (DEPs) through UFunds by February 25. Students can find the application in UFunds under "Graduate School Humanities and Social Sciences Advanced Student Funding." Programs will be asked to submit supporting materials, also through UFunds, by March 8. 

DEPs will also be considered after this date. The Graduate School grants full and partial students tuition scholarships and, when budget allows, grants health insurance. These students may also seek student employment on campus through the Student Employment Office. (The Graduate School does not provide stipend support to students beyond their sixth year.)