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Emergency Funding Programs

Short-Term Loan

The Brown University Short-Term Loan Program is a zero interest loan made available to students to assist in emergencies. This fund has historically supported students experiencing cash-flow related situations where a buffer is needed immediately. After a request is approved, students must sign a Promissory Note/Acknowledgement and funds must be repaid according to those terms.

Short-Term Emergency Loans cannot assist with a student's costs of tuition, room or board. The maximum amount that can be requested is $500. Eligible students may complete the Short Term Loan Request Form and setup an eRefund Profile at in order to receive the funds electronically. Students must repay all approved Short Term Loans directly to the Brown University Cashier Office before the end of the current semester. 

Students may apply remotely. Newly matriculated students (e.g., who are active for the Fall term) are eligible in August. 

Primary contacts: Brittany Leclerc, Operations and Enrollment Management Specialist or Maria Suarez, Associate Dean of Student Support

Graduate School Emergency Funding

The Graduate School has established a Graduate School COVID-19 E-GAP Fund for graduate students with high demonstrated financial need to assist with emergent expenses. The application can be found in UFunds, listed under E-Gap Funds. The typical amount granted is capped at $500. We will give these requests the fullest consideration that our available resources will permit. Email notification of approval or denial typically comes within 48-72 hours, except on weekends or holidays.

Please note: Graduate students in their first year who received a transitional stipend are not eligible for funding. If a first-year student is experiencing urgent financial need, they should contact Maria Suarez, Associate Dean of Student Support. Emergency Funding is not available for the reimbursement of technology purchases.