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Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the primary political and social body for graduate students at Brown.  

The GSC is made up of representatives from each department and of officers elected from the entire graduate student population. The GSC holds monthly meetings and offers many events and free classes throughout the year.  

The GSC maintains several listservs for the graduate student community. These can be very useful for finding or posting apartment listings, buying and selling a variety of items, or just asking the graduate community general questions about area services (e.g., "Does anyone know a good dentist?"). To access these lists, or to contact any member of the GSC executive board or your department representative, visit the GSC website.

Graduate Student Lounge
The graduate lounge is a large, multi-purpose space for the exclusive use of grad students. It has a stereo system, TV, couches, chairs, tables, a sink, and an enclosed cobblestone courtyard. Any graduate student may request to reserve the lounge for any purpose. When the lounge is not reserved, any graduate student may simply swipe in with their ID and hang out in the lounge. See events in the lounge on the lounge calendar.

Grad Center Bar (GCB)
The Grad Center Bar is a members-only, non-profit, on-campus bar located in the Grad Center. The bar comprises four separate rooms, with pool tables, dart boards, TVs, video games, couches, booths, and tables. Darts, board games, and video games may be checked out in exchange for an ID. Drink specials are offered every night of the week, and certain days have specials earlier in the evening for opportunities like free pool. The GCB is open nightly until 1 a.m. during the regular school year.

GSC Funding Resources
The GSC offers several funding opportunities for events, conferences, and projects and equipment.

Legal Services
The GSC and the Undergraduate Council of Students work with the university administration to provide free on-campus legal services to all students at Brown.  

Student Organizations
The Graduate Student Council has a process to create and partially fund recognized student groups for graduate students. The GSC maintains this student group list.

There are many other student organizations on campus, which are geared toward the undergraduate population. Many do welcome graduate student participation, as well. Consult the BearSync website for more information.