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Dinner-Seminar Focuses on Modern Middle East

The February 25 Academy in Context dinner-seminar features Beshara Doumani, the Director of Middle East Studies at Brown. His talk is entitled, "Torn Asunder: Displacement in the Making and Unmaking of the Modern Middle East." Graduate students and postdocs are invited to register to attend. He will discuss how the Middle East state system came to be, how massive displacements are reshaping not only that geographic area, but Europe and global politics. Learn more and register to attend.

Student hack-a-thon draws a diverse crowd

Students from all over the country and around the world gathered this weekend for Hack@Brown, a marathon of computer coding and app building. Student organizers aim for an event that's open and inviting to students from all backgrounds and skill levels.

Brown medical, global health experts to discuss Zika

Media Advisory

The Zika virus, best known for its strongly suspected link to fetal birth defects, has become a major health crisis in Central and South America. On Weds. Feb. 10 at 12:30, Brown University experts will gather to “separate fact from fiction” concerning the emergency.

Corporation approves budget, sets tuition for 2016-17

Actions of the Corporation

The Corporation of Brown University has approved a consolidated expenditure budget of $1.01 billion for fiscal 2017, a 5.2-percent increase. The total undergraduate charge will rise 4.1 percent, with a 7.1-percent increase in the financial aid budget to $120.5 million.

Mencoff to become 21st chancellor of Brown University

Officers of the Corporation

The Corporation of Brown University has elected Samuel M. Mencoff to be the University’s 21st chancellor. Alison S. Ressler, currently the Corporation’s treasurer, will serve as vice chancellor. Theresia Gouw will become treasurer, and Donald C. Hood will continue as secretary. The new officers of the Corporation will begin their terms July 1, 2016.

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