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Brown Students Team With Space Exploration Company on Moon Mission Planning

February 26, 2019
Planning a Moon mission

As part of a class called "Origin and Evolution of the Moon," Brown students are helping a private company to plan its rover mission to the lunar surface. Credit: Nick Dentamaro

Students in a planetary science course at Brown (14 graduate and a few undergraduates) are helping a private space company plan a Moon mission, a collaborative effort that has caught the eyes of top NASA officials. In consultation with OrbitBeyond engineers and using the technical specs for ECA, the students spent last semester devising a design reference mission — a detailed template for what the real mission might ultimately look like. The group scoped out landing sites, planned possible rover traverses and delivered their recommendations to OrbitBeyond. “Being involved at this stage in our careers with an actual mission that’s going to fly is an experience I don't think we could get elsewhere,” said Ph.D. student Ashley Palumbo, one of the leaders of the project. “It’s just a great opportunity.” Read more.