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Meteorite May Represent ‘Bulk Background’ of Mars’ Battered Crust

Not red: A piece of Mars:

New spectroscopic analysis of “Black Beauty,” a meteorite found in the Moroccan desert, has given scientists, a better picture of the crust beneath Mars’ red dust. Kevin Cannon, doctoral student in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences is the lead author of a new paper on the topic.

Reducing Myc Gene Activity Extends Healthy Lifespan in Mice

A team of scientists based at Brown University, including lead author and Pathobiology doctoral student Xiaoai Zhao, have found that reducing expression of a fundamentally important gene called Myc significantly increased the healthy lifespan of laboratory mice, the first such finding regarding this gene in a mammalian species.

10 Graduate Students Enter BEST Program

Seven doctoral and three master's students are exploring university administration as part of the fifth cohort of the Brown Executive Scholars Training program, which kicked off this week. The Graduate School’s 12-week program helps to prepare doctoral and advanced master's students for administrative careers.

Researchers Study Marine Ecological Changes at Easter Island

In the waters of Easter Island:

Late last year, professor Jon Witman and doctoral student Robert Lamb, both of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department, spent three weeks studying coral and other marine life in the waters around Easter Island, part of a research project led by Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Chile. Unlike most of the world, the coral around Easter Island appears to be increasing.

PhD Student Starts Girls Coding Club

Gryte Satas, a PhD candidate in Computer Science, has started the first “Girls Who Code” club in Rhode Island for female students grades 6-12. The club is designed to provide young women with computer science and programming skills, as well as opportunities to learn about everything from cryptography to artificial intelligence to developing mobile applications. Learn more.

New Research Unlocks a Mystery of Albinism

Precise patch:

A team of Brown University biologists, including doctoral student Nicholas Bellono, has discovered the way in which a specific genetic mutation appears to lead to the lack of melanin production underlying a form of albinism.