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Open Graduate Education - Participating Master's Programs

Program Division Masters Offering Number of Reqiured Courses Special Requirements Thesis Additional Information
Archaeology & Ancient World Humanities AM 8 8 courses must include at least two graduate seminars. Required Archaeology & Ancient World
Africana Studies Humanities AM 8 8 courses must include 2 core classes in the Africana Studies graduate program, and at least 4 of the remaining courses must be with core Africana faculty.  Not required Africana Studies
Brazilian Studies Humanities AM 8 2 courses in the social sciences, 2 courses in the humanities, a masters research project, and at least 3 courses must be completed via the Portuguese language Research project required Brazilian Studies
Classics Humanities AM 8 2 seminars in Greek and Latin, or Classics; Also demonstrated competence in French or German Required Classics
Comparative Literature Humanities AM 8 Completing 2 of 3 language requirements. Required Comparative Literature
Egyptology and Assyriology Humanities AM 8 2 courses in Egyptian or Akkadian language; 2 courses on history or archeaology of either Egypt or ancient Near East Required Capstone Project: 5,000-word paper
Egyptology and Assyriology
English Humanities AM 8  1 thesis writing course, 1 foreign language  Required English
ESL Education and Cross Cultural Studies Humanities AM 8 6 required core courses, 2 related electives Not required ESL Education and Cross Cultural Studies
French Studies Humanities AM 8 or 16 8 course program with a thesis, 16 courses without a thesis; students must also demonstrate a proficiency in a language other than French Optional French Studies
German Studies Humanities AM 8 6 courses in German Studies and 2 in a related field. Not required German Studies
Hispanic Studies Humanities AM 8 2 core courses, fulfillment of French language requirement Required Hispanic Studies
History of Art & Architecture Humanities AM 10 No fewer than 6 departmental seminars, at least two at the 2000 level. HIAA 2920 and HIAA 2930 required in addition to the two 2000 level seminars. A reading knowledge of at least two foreign languages. Required History of Art and Architecture
Italian Studies Humanities AM -- -- -- Italian Studies
Modern Culture and Media Humanities AM 8 Must include one MCM seminar in theory, one MCM seminar in textual analysis, and one MCM seminar in historical/cultural locations--as approved by the Department None required Modern Culture and Media
Music Humanities AM 8 Different requirements for the AM in Ethnomusicology and the AM in Electronic Music and Multimedia Required Music
Philosophy Humanities AM 8 If the no-thesis option is chosen, the 8 courses must meet the course distribution requirements of the PhD program. Optional Philosophy
Portuguese & Brazilian Studies Humanities AM 8 3 courses in Portuguese literature, history and culture and at least 3 courses in Brazilian literature, history and culture, satisfaction of Portuguese language proficiency requirement by taking PB103 or passing a proficiency examination Research project required Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
Public Humanities Humanities Masters in Public Humanities 12 courses over two years
2 required core courses, 1 seminar in American Studies, 9 electives, 2 practicums None required Public Humanities
Religious Studies Humanities AM 8 RELS 2000 is required along with demonstrated competence in French or German Required Religious Studies
Slavic Languages Humanities AM 8 The 8 courses must be approved by the Department, spoken and written command of Russian, and reading knowledge of another Slavic language or French or German. None Slavic Languages
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Humanities AM 10 To receive an AM, students should have completed 10 courses, including two semesters of the graduate colloquium taken the first year in the programs as TAPS 2980.
None Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
Biomedical Engineering Life Sciences/Physical Sciences ScM 8 Not more than three of which are for thesis research; approved set of courses, at least 5 structured (not seminar, not independent study) advanced-level (100 or 200) biology and engineering courses, at least 2 in biology and at least 2 in engineering; must receive a grade of at least B in courses. Required and must be research based Biomedical Engineering
Biostatistics Life Sciences
AM 8 5 core courses, 3 electives from specified list None required for AM Biostatistics
Biotechnology Life Sciences ScM 8 Grade of B or better in courses; additional requirements depending on whether thesis option is chosen or not Optional Biotechnology
Clinical & Translational Research Life Sciences ScM 9 7 core courses and 2 electives Required Clinical and Translational Research
Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences: CLPS Life Sciences Both AM and ScM -- Requirements differ across the three CLPS areas. -- CLPS
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) Life Sciences ScM 8 Two required foundation courses, BIOL 2430/2440 and BIOL 2980/2990. Required EEB
Epidemiology Life Sciences
ScM 8 At least 4 epidemiology courses with substantial methodological focus and at least 2 courses in biostatistics. Required Epidemiology
Masters of Public Health Life Sciences
Masters of Public Health: MPH 13 8 required core courses, one internship Required MPH
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry (MCB) Life Sciences Both AM and ScM 8 No special requirements. Required for ScM, not required for AM. MCB
Applied Math Physical Sciences ScM 8 At least 6 courses in Applied Math, at least 6 at the 2000 level, a maximum of 2 Cs None required Applied Math
Chemistry Physical Sciences Both AM and ScM 8 -- Required for the ScM Chemistry
Computer Science Physical Sciences ScM 8
Different requirements for different program options. Optional Computer Science
Computational Biology Life Science/ Physical Science ScM 8 Different requirements for different program options. Optional Computational Biology
Data Science Physical Sciences ScM 9 3 credits in mathematical and statistical foundations3 credits in data and computational science, 1 credit in societal implications and opportunitieselective credit, and capstone experience. Not required. Capstone experience includes a paper and/or oral presentation Data Science
Engineering Physical Sciences ScM in Engineering or PRIME ScM 8 ScM in Engineering: ENGN2010/2020, two additional 2000-level courses (three if no thesis will be written)   PRIME: All 8 courses are required core courses. Optional Engineering
Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences Physical Sciences Both AM and ScM 8 Integrated program, no more than 2 courses can be research courses Required for the ScM Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Mathematics Physical Sciences Both AM and ScM -- -- -- Mathematics
Physics Physical Sciences ScM -- -- -- Physics
American Studies Social Sciences AM for international students -- -- -- American Studies
Anthropology Social Sciences AM 8 4 core courses Required Anthropology
Economics Social Sciences AM 8 The AM degree requires passing eight courses in the areas of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics. Prerequisites for the program include multivariate calculus, statistics, and linear algebra. Not required Economics
History Social Sciences AM 8
At least 4 courses at the 2000 level and at least 3 of these in the History Department with a maximum of 2 courses outside of the History Department. Optional History
Political Science Social Sciences AM 8 Course grades must be at least a B Not required Political Science
Public Affairs Social Sciences Masters of Public Affairs: MPA 13 8 core courses, 3 concentration core courses, 2 concentration electives, internship Capstone project Public Affairs
Social Analysis and Research (Sociology) Social Sciences ScM 8 All entering students are required to have (1) a one-semester introductory statistics course equivalent to SOC 1100 Introductory Statistics for Social Research, (2) a more advanced course in statistics or a course in college calculus or equivalent (MATH 0050 and 0060, or MATH 0090 or above), and (3) a one-semester course in research methods (SOC 1020 or SOC 1050 or an equivalent) Not required Sociology
Teacher Education Social Sciences Master of Arts in Teaching: MAT 8-9 courses including student teaching over 12 months. 5 courses in education including summer practicum and student teaching, along with 3 courses in subject field, None required Teacher Education
Urban Education Policy Social Sciences AM 10 course, twelve month program 7 core courses and an internship None required Urban Education Policy
Integrative Studies -- AM and ScM -- Requires Graduate Council approval. Thesis Integrative Studies