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Research Matters! Celebrating New Ideas and Discoveries

The Graduate School hosted its second Research Matters! event, featuring live talks by outstanding graduate students and post-docs on “why my research matters” on November 5, 2016, from 3-5 pm at the Granoff Center.

The brief talks -- which you can watch -- showcase excellent student scholarship and foster intellectual exchange across disciplines. Students, faculty, alumni, and community members attended.

Graduate Student and Postdoc Speakers:

  • Emily Contois, PhD candidate in American Studies 
    Topic: Dude Food: Gender and Health in U.S. Popular Culture
  • Aditi Rawat, Master’s student in Public Health 
    Topic: Prescriptions, Perceptions, and Resistance
  • Julian Saporiti, PhD student in Ethnomusicology
    Topic: Think Twice It’s Alright: Street Performers and Public Space
  • Nicosia Shakes, PhD candidate in Africana Studies
    Topic: Staging Their Purpose: Women’s Theatre and the Power of Performance
  • Alexandra Stephan, PhD student in Chemistry
    Topic: Why Catastrophic Battery Failure is Still a Problem and What is Being Done
  • Jennifer Thum, PhD candidate in Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World
    Topic: Rocks, Drones and Instagram: The Interactive Dissertation
  • Kyle Trenshaw, Postdoctoral Research Associate, STEM Education
    Topic: Seeing Yourself as a Scientist: A Matter of Time and Space
  • Torrey Truszkowski, PhD candidate in Neuroscience
    Topic: Neural Circuits: How Brain Meets World
  • Meghan Wilson, PhD candidate in Political Science
    Topic: How Monopoly Became Political
  • Xuan Zhao, PhD candidate in Cognitive, Linguistics, and Psychological Sciences
    Topic: Through the Eyes of a Robot

Live event captured: Research Matters! talks were taped. Watch the videos by clicking here.  

The speakers were selected from a pool of more than 60 nominees. A selection panel, comprising faculty, staff and graduate students, identified 20 semifinalists, who were invited to present talks to the selection panel.

Videos from Inaugural Event
You can watch the videos from the inaugural event, which was held as part of the 250th Anniversary Fall Celebration on September 27, 2014.