Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Welcome to Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship at Brown! Sponsored by Brown Emergency Medicine and affiliated with the Brown University Alpert Medical School as well as Brown School of Public Health. The two-year academic fellowship boasts a wealth of research mentoring opportunities, robust interdepartmental collaboration, and a rich clinical and teaching experience, both domestically and abroad. 

Brown Universities Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Continuing, Adapting and Growing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Brown Universities Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship will continue to accept  applications for the coming 2021 academic year. Although the approach to training in global emergency medicine has been reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic our fellowship is growing and adapting as we continue to train highly skilled global health physicians and collaborate with partners from around the world to advance scientific knowledge and enhance care delivery.  

For example, in collaboration with humanitarian organization Project Hope, our fellows have assisted with the creation and implementation of COVID-19 preparedness and response training program that has scaled up healthcare workforces in over 10 countries with more than 4000 front-line practitioners trained (Link here: Project Hope []). 

If you have considered a career as a global health practitioner, consider the dynamic fellowship opportunities that are available through Brown Universities Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship.

COVID-19 and Global Emergency Medicine

As the landscape of global health has changed during 2020, the the division of Global Emergency Medicine has adapted to actively engage in COVID-19 response both within and outside of the United States. Our division faculty and fellows have help lead response activities in our health system in Rhode Island developing field hospitals and policy approaches and executed key research to advance the understanding fo how best to respond to COIVD-19.  Globally our division has partnered with humanitarian organizations to develop and deliver training to response personnel in over 20 countries from around the world, resulting in training of over 20,000 frontline providers. Read more here :  

***To apply please send us your CV and letter of recommendations by email. 

Meet Our Fellows

Sonya Naganathan, MD







Ramu Kharel, MD







Austin Lee, MD