The Brown University School of Public Health

Informed consent: False positives are not a worry
A new study of participants in the National Lung Screening Trial finds that a false positive screen result – a screening test in which findings initially of concern for cancer are later found not to be worrisome — did not cause participants undue anxiety or reduced quality of health. Researchers hypothesize that clear and accurate consent forms prepared patients for these false positive diagnoses. Findings reported in the journal Cancer.Read more...

The School of Public Health's mission 

is to improve population health by:

  • Conducting research to better understand disease risk factors and health promotion

  • Educating future generations of health researchers and policy makers

  • Providing public service through the translation of research into public policy

The School of Public Health coordinates and integrates academic, research, and public service programs relevant to population health. Public Health educational programs include undergraduate concentrations in community health and biostatistics; the fully accredited MPH Program; master of science degrees in biostatistics, epidemiology and behavioral and social sciences intervention; and doctoral programs in epidemiology, biostatistics and health services research.