Welcome from the Department of Surgery Diversity Officer

Thank you for considering the Brown University Surgical Residency Program for your residency training.  The program has a long history of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all residents. We understand that diversity gives all healthcare providers the opportunity to explore different cultures, which enriches the educational experience and, and more importantly, provides a framework for each resident physician to better understand their patients and provide excellent patient care.

The Department of Surgery at Alpert Medical School is committed to building a diverse and inclusive Residency Program.  Our primary goal is to increase the number of residents with diverse backgrounds in our program. As you research residency programs, we invite you to research the cities and states in which you will be working. It may surprise you how much diversity you will find here in Rhode Island. Although we may be best known for our excellent universities and beaches, Rhode Island is also racially, ethnically, socioeconomically, and spiritually diverse.

The Brown Surgery Residency Program is proud to partner with the Brown Minority Housestaff Association (BMHA) and Brown University Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (ODMA) to create an inclusive and diverse environment for all. Please see the links below for more details. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about our residency program and the communities we serve.








Carla Moreira, MD, RPVI

Diversity Officer for the Department of Surgery

[email protected]


The Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital/Miriam Hospitals are committed to serving a community that includes a diverse cultural and socioeconomic mix. Our institutions are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within the healthcare field by supporting our faculty and housestaff and training them to provide care for the specific needs of these community groups. The Brown Minority Housestaff Association and the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs are devoted to providing a supportive space to all housestaff and learning opportunities to improve culturally competent patient care.

The Diversity Committee of the General Surgery Department

  • Carla Moreira, MD, Diversity Officer
  • David Harrington, MD, Residency Program Director
  • Thomas Miner, MD, Associate Residency Program Director
  • Ashlie Haas-Rodriguez,  Residency Program Coordinator
  • Pam Richardson, Residency Program Coordinator
  • Kenneth Lynch, Phd, Director of Surgical Education
  • Dean Roye, MD, Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer for The Miriam Hospital
  • Nish Shah, MD, Colorectal Fellowship Program Director
  • Francois Luks, MD, Pediatric Surgeon-in-chief & Divisision Chief of Pediatric Surgery
  • Siva Vithiananthan, MD, Chief, Minimally Invasive & Bariatric Surgery
  • Jorge Albina, Director of Surgical Research
  • Julie Monteagudo, MD
  • Daithi Heffernan, MD
  • Sean Monaghan, MD
  • Joshua Honeyman, MD
  • Gillian Lee, MD, PGY 1
  • Elizabeth Tindal, MD, PGY 2 (Lab)
  • Polina Zmijewski, MD, PGY 5
  • Yao Liu, MD, PGY 2

Visiting Underrepreseented Minority Scholarship

Brown University is proud to sponsor the Diversity in Medicine Visiting Student Scholarship. Every year, qualified underrepresented students (URM) are selected from a competitive applicant pool to receive this scholarship to help pay for costs associated with doing away rotations at Brown. Medical students who are interested in applying for surgical residency at Brown are encouraged to apply. Those students will be paired up with resident and faculty members of the Surgical Department and the Brown Minority Housestaff Association (BMHA) for mentorship. Students can choose from a variety of visiting electives for the surgical rotation at: https://www.brown.edu/academics/medical/diversity/office-diversity-and-multicultural-affairs/diversity-medicine-visiting-student-scholarship. We strongly encourage students interested in this scholarship to apply for away rotations early. Questions about this scholarship should be directed to [email protected].  

Brown Minority House Staff Association

Brown Minority Housestaff Association is a resident/fellow run organization that helps promote diversity and inclusion within the hospital and graduate medical education communities. Every year, the organization sponsors lectureships and community outreach opportunities that housestaff can participate in. BMHA also works closely with the Brown University Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. Furthermore, residents can serve as mentors to rising medical students as they navigate choosing a specialty and applying for the match.


MED Talks

Medical Education through Diversity (MED) Talks is a speaker series started in 2015 to create a dialogue between patients and the medical community that cares for them. People representing minority patient populations are invited as speakers on a panel sharing their cultural values and views and how this may sometimes make it difficult to make medical decisions. Audience members are encouraged to ask difficult to ask ethical questions to better understand the best way to provide care in a culturally competent manner. This project is supported through grants from the Gold Foundation and funds from the Brown Minority Housestaff Association. Panel topics in the past have included members of the refugee, transgender, and Jehovah’s Witness communities.