Brown Urology Reception at Fulton Alley

May 18, 2022

It's been a while since we've been able to get together but it was great getting to see everyone at the Brown Urology Reception and during the 2022 AUA meeting in New Orleans!                                                                                                                                                              


Meredith Wasserman, Simone Thavaseelan, Dicken KoMeredith Wasserman, Simone Thavaseelan, Dicken Ko Simone Thavaseelan, Gyan PareekSimone Thavaseelan, Gyan Pareek Katie Rotker, Simone Thavaseelan, Mark SigmanKatie Rotker, Simone Thavaseelan, Mark Sigman
Kennon Miller and Akanksha MehtaKennon Miller and Akanksha Mehta Akanksha Mehta, Simone Thavaseelan, Michael Poch, Vincent HarisaranAkanksha Mehta, Simone Thavaseelan, Michael Poch, Vincent Harisaran Mark Sigman, Kennon Miller, Michael MaddoxMark Sigman, Kennon Miller, Michael Maddox
Dicken Ko, Simone Thavaseelan, Aparna AshokDicken Ko, Simone Thavaseelan, Aparna Ashok Simone Thavaseelan, Meredith Wasserman, Madeline CancianSimone Thavaseelan, Meredith Wasserman, Madeline Cancian Simone Thavaseelan, Michael Poch, Vincent HarisaranSimone Thavaseelan, Michael Poch, Vincent Harisaran
Sammy Elsamra and Vincent HarisaranSammy Elsamra and Vincent Harisaran Gyan Pareek and Kathleen HwangGyan Pareek and Kathleen Hwang Sammy Elsamra, Simone Thavaseelan, Vincent HarisaranSammy Elsamra, Simone Thavaseelan, Vincent Harisaran
Kathleen Hwang and Katie RotkerKathleen Hwang and Katie Rotker Simone Thavaseelan, Kathleen Hwang, Katie RotkerSimone Thavaseelan, Kathleen Hwang, Katie Rotker Kennon Miller and Kathleen HwangKennon Miller and Kathleen Hwang


                       Many thanks to the Fulton Alley establishment for hosting our get together!