Sample Financial Aid Awards

MD '2021 Institutional Applicant

Institutional Aid Recipient:
Budget for Year I Student: $81,300
Less Parent Contribution: $15,450
Less Student Contribution: $  1,650
Financial Need: $64,200
Financial Aid Award:
Brown Scholarship $35,200
Brown Loans $10,000
Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan $19,000
Total Award: $64,200

Important Notes:

1. The parent contribution figure used in the institutional aid example represents the average parent contribution of all need-based scholarship recipients in the 2017-18 year.

2. The student contribution figure represents the average contribution for all first year students in 2017-18.  Although a minimum student contribution of $1650 will be expected of all first and second year students, the actual student contribution amounts may be higher depending upon the student's income, assets, and other information.

3. The base loan for the first year class is $29,000.The base loan, subtracted from need determines scholarship eligibility, which in the above example is $35,200. Take Note: Students may borrow additional unsubsidized Direct loan funds to replace all or part of the parent contribution up to the cost of attendance.

MD’2021 Federal Applicant

External Aid Recipient:
Budget for Year I Student: $81,300
Less Parent Contribution: N/A
Less Student Contribution: N/A
Financial Need: $81,300
Financial Aid Award:
Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan $42,720
Graduate PLUS Loan $38,580
Total Award: $81,300


Students may apply for Federal Graduate Plus loan funds to meet the full cost of attendance, in addition to the maximum Federal Direct loans. The Brown Loan Office site contains the application and additional information about the program.