Academic Support

Academic Support

AMS supports students as they adapt their study and personal habits, and their test-taking skills, to the demands of medical school. We recognize that the amount of material and the pace of the medical curriculum can present difficulties for many students.

The rigors of medical school may require changes in long-held study habits.   These new habits can include an increase in the number of study hours, and a new focus on the use of time efficient strategies (such as daily previewing and reviewing material), rather than inefficient strategies such as recopying notes or re-reading text books.  An additional effective strategy to prepare for medical school and licensing exams is to utilize practice questions as study tools throughout the academic block.

Often academic success in medical school can be achieved through changes in the way in which students approach their learning early on in each academic block. However, we also provide a variety of services to assist students in reaching their goals of academic success.

AMS facilitates workshops and panel presentations regarding study skills, time management and balancing priorities while in medical school. We provide resources to students for the purposes of course preparation, licensing exam preparation, and other academic matters, including issues relating to learning style and wellness.

Specific support services offered include:

All students need assistance at some point in their academic career and there are many staff and faculty available at AMS to assist you. Please contact Lorrie Gehlbach for more information.