Big Data Neuroscience Lab

NEUR 1630 S01 [CRN: 16057]

Recent technological developments have transformed neuroscience research, enabling us to generate comprehensive 'big data' sets that are often shared freely amongst the neuroscience community. This lab course will explore strategies to effectively use such open-sourced neuroscience data sets. Students will identify fundamental open questions in brain science and develop strategies to mine open-source sequencing, imaging and connectivity data to address their research questions.
Section specific notes:
If you would like this course to appear in your transcript as BIOL, please preregister for BIOL 1630, otherwise register for NEUR 1630. If the number of available spaces in BIO 1630 has exceeded its cap, preregister for NEUR 1630 and then you will be able to request an override to switch numbers from your instructor during add/drop period.
Fall 2020
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