Full List of Courses

Courses Offered By the Department of Neuroscience

Primarily for Undergraduates

 NEUR0010   The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience

Introduction to the mammalian nervous system with emphasis on the structure and function of the human brain.  Topics covered include the function of nerve cells, sensory systems, control of movement and speech, learning and memory, emotion, and diseases of the brain.  There are no prerequisites but a biology and/or chemistry course in high school is desirable.

Drs. Paradiso and Stein                  Sem. I

Dr. Patrick...............................................Summer


NEUR0650   Biology of Hearing

This course covers the sensory and perceptual system for hearing: the external, middle, and inner ears; the active processes of the cochlea; sound transduction and neural coding; neural information processing by the auditory system; and the nature of auditory perception and its biological substrate. Prerequisite: NEUR0010 or equivalent. 

Dr. J. Simmons  Sem. II


NEUR0680   Computational Neuroscience

A lecture and computing lab course providing an introduction to the quantitative analysis of neural activity and encoding, and to the modeling of neurons and neural systems.  Emphasizes Matlab-based computer simulation. Prerequisites: NEUR0010, 1020 or 1030; APMA0410 or equivalent.  Enrollment limited.

Dr. Bienenstock                 Sem. II


NEUR0700   Psychoactive Drugs and Society

This course examines psychoactive drugs from two perspectives: (1) biological mechanisms of drug action and (2) the impact of psychoactive drug use on society and societal attitudes towards psychoactive drug usage.  Prerequisite: NEUR 0010 or equivalent.

Dr. Patrick……………………………… Sem. II


For Undergraduates and Graduates

NEUR1020   Principles of Neurobiology

A lecture course covering fundamental concepts of molecular and cellular neurobiology. Topics include structure  and  function of  ion  channels,  synaptic transmission,   synaptic plasticity and  development. Prerequisite:  NEUR0010 and  BIOL0200

Dr. Aizenman     Sem. II


NEUR1030   Neural Systems

This lecture course examines key principles that underlie the function of neural systems ranging in complexity from peripheral receptors to central mechanisms of behavioral control. Prerequisite NEUR0010 or equivalent.

Dr. Linden            Sem. I


NEUR1040   Neurogenetics

This course will familiarize you with the relatively new and exciting field of neurogenetics. We will cover basic topics, new ideas, and unsolved problems in neurogenetics primarily through the two assigned texts. Neurogenetics is essentially a “frontier” area in neuroscience, and the best way to approach this topic is by scientific literature, which will be covered in some lectures.  Prerequisite: NEUR0010 and NEUR1020

 Dr. Kaun…………………………....Sem. II


NEUR1440 Neural Dynamics

This course addresses mechanisms underlying this flexibility and its potential meaning for information processing in the brain. The course integrates biophysical, single neuron and human studies. Students will be introduced to computational modeling as a method to gain insight into dynamics, but no prior mathematics or programming background is required. Prerequisite: NEUR0010

Dr. Moore…………………………………Sem. I


NEUR1520 Data Analysis for Neuroscience

Application of quantitative techniques to neural data sets including traditional and state-of-the-art approaches. Topics include spike train, EEG, and image analysis. Additional types of data sets may be included based on student interest. Hands-on experience working with real data sets, and students are welcome to provide their own data for analysis.

Not being offered………………………….. AY 2016


NEUR1540   Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Exploration of learning and memory from the molecular to the behavioral level.  Topics include declarative and procedural memory formation and storage, associative and non-associative learning, cellular and molecular mechanisms for learning, and disorders affecting learning and memory.   Prerequisite: NEUR1020.

Dr. Linden ………………………….. Sem. II


NEUR 1560   Developmental Neurobiology

The course will explore core concepts of developmental biology in the context of the developing nervous system. Topics will include: neuronal specification, cell migration, axon guidance, synapse formation, and neural plasticity. Students will gain experience with the primary literature and learn about cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain development and the tools and model organisms used to study them.

Dr. Jaworski ………………………….. Sem. II


NEUR1600   Experimental Neurobiology

A laboratory experience in neuroscience with emphasis on cellular neurobiology.  Laboratory sessions will be supplemented by informal lectures designed to introduce topics and to discuss experimental approaches and concepts.  Prerequisites: NEUR0010, NEUR1020, PHYS0030 or equivalent.   Enrollment limited.

Dr. Stein                Sem. II & Summer


NEUR1650   Structure of the Nervous System

A lecture and laboratory course on the anatomy of the central nervous system.  Lectures provide an overview of the circuitry of the major neural systems for sensation, movement, cognition and emotion and emphasize a functional perspective.  Laboratory exercises include brain dissections, analysis of histological slides of neural tissue, and axon-tracing experiments. Prerequisites: NEUR0010 NEUR1020, and NEUR1030.  Enrollment limited.

Dr. Berson            Sem. I


NEUR1670   Neuropharmacology and Synaptic Transmission

Synaptic transmission will be studied from a biochemical and pharmacological point of view.  We will explore the factors regulating neurotransmitter synthesis, storage, release, receptor interaction and termination of action. Proposed mechanisms of psychoactive drugs and biochemical theories of psychiatric disorders will be discussed. Recommended: NEUR0010 and BIOL0200, or equivalent.

Dr. Patrick            Sem. I


NEUR1740   The Diseased Brain

We will consider the mechanisms underlying a range of neurological and psychiatric diseases including Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, Fragile X Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and Tuberous Sclerosis.  Emphasis will be on how insights on the cellular and molecular basis of these disorders are driving therapeutic development.   Prerequisites: NEUR 1020. Suggested: NEUR1040 and BI0470

Dr. Fallon………………………………Semester II


NEUR1930, 1940  Topics in Neuroscience

Seminars on diverse topics.  Prerequisites: NEUR0010, NEUR1020, NEUR1030.  Enrollment limited; sign up priority given to senior neuroscience concentrators.

Staff        Sem. I/II


NEUR1970   Independent Study

Laboratory oriented research in neuroscience, supervised by staff members.  Written permission and approval by the Neuroscience Undergraduate Curriculum Committee required.  Prerequisites:  NEUR0010, NEUR1020 and NEUR1030.

Staff        Sem I/II


NEUR2110    Statistical Neuroscience

An introduction to stochastic processes and random dynamical systems in Neuroscience. This is a lecture and computing lab course on the modeling of stochastic neural dynamics for senior undergraduate and graduate students with a background in systems neuroscience and/or applied math/biomedical engineering. Topics include stochastic dynamics in neuronal networks, large-scale brain networks, neural population encoding and decoding, inference of biophysical models, among others. Hands-on Matlab/Julia/Python-based applications to real and simulated data involving neuronal ensemble spike trains, local field potentials, ECoG/EEG. Prerequisites:  Introduction to Statistics and Probability, Calculus and Linear Algebra. Instructor permission required.

 Dr. Truccolo……………………………… Sem. I


Primarily for Graduate Students

NEUR2030,2040,2050,2060  Graduate Core

                  Dr. Sheinberg/Staff          Sem. I/II


Offered Alternate Years

NEUR2120  Topics in Visual Physiology

                  Dr. Berson            Sem. II

NEUR2150  Cells & Circuits of the Nervous System

                  Dr. Connors         Sem I

NEUR2160  Neurochemistry and Behavior

                  Dr. Patrick            Sem II

NEUR2930/40  Special Topics in Neurobiology

                                    Staff        Sem. I/II