Infectious Disease

Current Projects

  • Mechanisms of Behavior Change Resource Corefor Alcohol-HIV Interventions
  • HPV in head and neck cancers
  • Social Epidemiologic Aspects of HIV in South Africa (NIH Grant: Partnerships for the next generation of HIV social science in South Africa.)
  • Avenir Project
  • RI Defeats HepC
  • Enhanced HIV/STI Partner Notification in South Africa
  • iALARM project
  • NAMBARI Project (Moi/Brown Partnership forBiostatistics Training)


  • PHP1854
  • PHP2230
  • PHP2220H



  • Jennifer Friedman

    Professor of Pediatrics

  • Karl Kelsey

    Professor of Epidemiology and Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Center for Environmental Health and Technology

  • Mark Lurie

    Associate Professor of Epidemiology, International Health Institute

  • Brandon Marshall

    Associate Professor of Epidemiology

  • Stephen McGarvey

    Professor of Epidemiology and Anthropology; Director, International Health Institute

  • Matthew Mimiaga

    Adjunct Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology