About the Department

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Department of Epidemiology is to provide excellence in teaching and training in the field of epidemiology. The graduate program offers master's and doctoral degrees to prepare students for careers in research or professions in public health which require knowledge of advanced epidemiologic methods. 


Epidemiology has been an integral activity at Brown University since the 1980s.  The Epidemiology Section of Brown's Department of Community Health was officially established in 2006.  During the next several years the Epidemiology Section was involved in training PhD students in Epidemiology, as well as performing internationally acclaimed research. Several successful research centers were created to concentrate research and mentoring initiative into specific fields, including the International Health Center, the Center for Population Health and Clinical Epidemiology, and the Center for Environmental Health and Technology.

Over the past 5 years there has been a major expansion in the Public Health Program at Brown University, resulting in approximately 20 new tenure-track faculty recruitments in Public Health, including 10 tenure-track faculty recruits within Epidemiology. This expansion continues, with several open searches still ongoing. In 2011, the Epidemiology Section became the inaugural Department of Epidemiology, now with 46 faculty members.

Faculty members include faculty engaged full-time in research and teaching, as well as importantly clinical faculty and faculty members jointly appointed with Brown University and the Rhode Island Health Department. One of the key strengths of epidemiology faculty at Brown University is not only in performing internationally acclaimed research and teaching on epidemiological approaches to understanding the determinants and distribution of diseases, but also in the translation of applied research into policy and practice.

The Epidemiology Department offers a PhD in Epidemiology, an ScM in Epidemiology, as well as an Epidemiology focus for MPH students. Brown University places a very high priority on student-centered mentorship; the Epidemiology Department reflects this value through low teacher: student ratios, substantial stipends for PhD students, as well as high quality classroom and apprenticeship opportunities.