Doctoral Degree Requirements

All students in the PhD program in Epidemiology are required to take 13 courses forcredit, including 9 core courses, 2 or more methods elective courses, and 2 or more substantive elective courses. Each of these courses must be taken for credit and for agrade.

  • a noncredit introductory course on SAS data management
  • participate in the journal club series (credit optional)
  • take the noncredit Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) course
  • complete Public Health 101

In addition to the approved methods and substantive elective courses, students may choose appropriate elective courses offered by other graduate departments at Brown University when relevant to a student’s thesis work or career goals.

Based upon individual interests, students may take more than the minimum number of required and elective courses.  Students may also register for independent study courses under the guidance of individual faculty members.  These may be directly related to their work toward completion of their doctoral dissertation or may be taken early in their graduate student career as they work towards identifying a dissertation area and specific project.

Some courses may be waived if students have received credit elsewhere.  Generally, only required introductory courses can be waived, and then only when a student can demonstrate that s/he has satisfactorily completed an equivalent course at Brown or at another institution in the past.