Assistant Professor Cyrus Kosar

Cyrus M Kosar, PhD joined the Department in May. Dr. Kosar is a health services researcher with training in health economics. His current research focuses on (1) variation in post-acute care utilization, quality, and outcomes; (2) the intersection of post-acute and long-term care; (3) the impact of acute, post-acute, and long-term care quality on patients’ outcomes; (4) rural health care; (5) measurement of health status; and (6) the impact of the coronavirus 2019 pandemic on nursing homes and other vulnerable or marginalized populations.

Cyrus earned a PhD in Health Services Research with a concentration in Health Economics from the Brown University School of Public Health and an MA in Economics from Boston University. Prior to his doctoral training, he worked as a statistician at Hebrew SeniorLife Marcus Institute for Aging Research.

Cyrus’s research broadly focuses on understanding variation in acute, post-acute, and long-term care utilization, quality, and outcomes among Medicare beneficiaries. His current work focuses on the selection and outcomes of nursing home care for patients with and without dementia, the quality of care provided by critical access hospitals, and the evaluation of alternative payment models for long-term nursing home residents.  

Dr. Kosar's CV