Health Equity and Quality: Differences in health and health care across populations


Ira WilsonBart Laws, and Omar Galárraga all work on HIV-related topics, including HIV, the use of conditional economic incentives, measuring, monitoring, and improving adherence with HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART), the illness experience and HIV-related knowledge of people living with HIV, and psychological factors and beliefs as correlates of ART adherence and successful self-management, and interventions to improve physician-patient ART communication. Dr. Wilson was recently awarded a new R01 grant on HIV, aging, and comorbid conditions that involves Drs. MillerRahmanShireman and Galárraga. He has a second, related, R01 that is focused on understanding the quality of care that persons with HIV receive in nursing homes nationally. Galárraga, a health economist by training, has NIH-funded research on HIV, including projects in Ghana, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa and USA related to impact of social health insurance/health reform, cost-effectiveness analyses, and conditional economic incentives for HIV prevention and treatment.


Physician-patient communication, shared decision-making, and stakeholder engagement

Ira Wilson and Bart Laws have studied physician-patient communication in HIV care for the last decade and worked on a  Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Methods grant that focuses on methods to study shared decision making in cardiac and renal disease care.



A focus on disparities in care delivery is a theme that cuts across many areas. Amal Trivedi is a leading disparities researcher and is currently working on several related projects. One NIH-funded R01 examines the impact of the Affordable Care Act on racial and socioeconomic disparities among patients with end stage renal disease.  Another project, funded by the VA, focuses on the implications of risk-adjusting clinical performance measures for socioeconomic status. Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez is currently working on a NIA-funded project assessing racial and ethnic disparities in quality of post-acute care in skilled nursing facilities in the Medicare advantage and traditional Medicare population. Ira Wilson works on disparities in HIV care, and Vincent Mor and others have published numerous papers on disparities in post-acute and nursing home care.

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