Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health Education provides important education opportunities for students. The program allows Tougaloo students to apply early, so that they can take advantage of the unique educational opportunities at both Tougaloo and Brown, thereby getting the best of what both institutions have to offer.

In the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health Education students study at both Tougaloo College and Brown University, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree from Tougaloo and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Brown. The program is five or six years in length, depending on the individual needs and educational path of the students. Students are officially enrolled as undergraduates at Tougaloo College for the first four years of the program and are enrolled as Brown graduate students for year five and if necessary year six.  However, students have the opportunity to study at both institutions throughout the five or six years of the program.  As a result of the MPH Program’s 13 course and thesis requirement, it is not feasible to finish the MPH in only one year of residence at Brown. Students who wish to complete the program in five years have to spend substantial time studying at Brown during their undergraduate years. In general, to complete the program in five years, students would spend two semesters and one summer at Brown during their first four years of college.

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