Health Behavior Concentration

The Health Behavior Concentration prepares students to understand and apply theories of health behavior and health promotion to improve population health. Students in the Health Behavior Concentration will gain experience in behavioral-social science frameworks and methodologies for designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions, and in disseminating and translating findings for diverse communities. The Health Behavior Concentration also emphasizes the roles of cultural competence, ethical practice, professionalism, and community collaboration as vital to the design and delivery of public health interventions. 

Health Behavior Concentration-Specific Competencies

  • Explain the similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses of predominant behavioral and social science theories for public health.
  • Apply the component principles of behavioral and social science theories to health behaviors.
  • Examine how behavioral and social science theories can be used to facilitate change in health-related behavior
  • Apply principles of health literacy and communication best practices to develop a brief health communication.
  • Design health communications to promote behavior change that results in decreased risks for disease and/or promote wellness.
  • Develop a plan to monitor and assess the reach, fidelity, and outcome of health communications.
  • Examine the causes and consequences of health disparities from the perspective of multiple behavioral and social science perspectives.

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Health Behavior Concentration Courses

Complete both of the following courses:

  • PHP2340, Theories of Behavioral and Social Sciences in Public Health (Fall)
  • PHP2380, Health Communications (Spring)

Complete two of the following health behavior content-focused courses: 

  • PHP1300, Parenting Behaviors and Child Health (Fall)
  • PHP1540, Alcohol Use, and Misuse (every other Fall)
  • PHP1600, Obesity in the 21st Century: Causes, Consequences and Countermeasures (Spring)
  • PHP1610, Tobacco, Disease and the Industry: cigs, e-cigs and more (Spring)
  • PHP1885, Measuring Mindfulness (Spring)
  • PHP1890, The Craving Mind (Fall)
  • PHP2330, Behavioral and Social Approaches to HIV Prevention (Spring)

Complete one of the following courses focused on issues of social determinants of health and diversity:

  • PHP1650, Race, Racism and Health (Spring)
  • PHP1920, Social Determinants of Health (Fall)
  • PHP2325, Place Matters: Exploring Community-Level Contexts on Health Behaviors, Outcomes and Disparities (every other Fall)
  • PHP2365, Public Health Issues in LGBT Populations (Spring)

Sample Schedule MPH Health Behavior Concentration - Fall Epi

Sample Schedule MPH Health Behavior Concentration - Spring Epi  


Health Behavior Concentration Lead

David M. Williams, PhD

[email protected]