Mindfulness Concentration

The Brown University School of Public Health has developed substantial strengths in Mindfulness. This includes a vibrant core of interdisciplinary faculty focused on the full spectrum of mindfulness ranging from theory to measurement to treatment delivery to teacher training. The establishment and expansion of a world-leading Mindfulness Center at Brown ([email protected]) under the leadership of Eric Loucks, PhD, presents new opportunities for expanding mindfulness research and education programs at Brown. With the expanded faculty, critically important mindfulness courses have been implemented, and the MPH Concentration in Mindfulness is being launched starting with the class entering Fall 2020.

Mindfulness Concentration-Specific Competencies

  • Evaluate the evidence for mindfulness’s impact on physical and mental health.
  • Analyze the strengths and limitations of the major types of mindfulness interventions.
  • Assess the methods researchers have used to understand the mechanisms of mindfulness.
  • Utilize a directed acyclic graph (DAG) to develop a testable theoretical framework for how mindfulness interventions influence health outcomes.
  • Create a mindfulness research protocol and data analysis plan.

Mindfulness Concentration Courses

Complete all of the following mindfulness courses:

  • PHP1880, Meditation, Mindfulness and Health (Fall and Spring)
  • PHP1885, Measuring Mindfulness (Spring)
  • PHP1895, Mindfulness Epidemiology ( every other Spring)

Select one of the following sciences courses:

  • PHP1890, The Craving Mind (Fall)
  • COST1020, The Cognitive Neuroscience of Meditation (Spring)
  • COST1710B, Science and Meditation

Select one of the following applied research methods courses:

  • PHP2030, Clinical Trials Methods (Fall)
  • PHP2040, Survey Research Methods (Spring)
  • PHP2060, Qualitative Methods (Spring)
  • PHP2300, Behavioral Research Methods (Fall)
  • PHP2415, Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine (Spring)

Sample Schedule MPH Mindfulness Concentration - Fall Epi  

Sample Schedule MPH Mindfulness Concentration - Spring Epi


Mindfulness Concentration Lead

Jeffrey Proulx, PhD
[email protected]