Dual Degree Programs

The School of Public Health offers several opportunities for highly-motivated students to complete dual degree programs at an accelerated pace.

The School of Public Health and the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs offer a highly rigorous Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Public Affairs (MPA) dual degree program. We seek candidates who are intellectually curious, highly motivated, and committed to the study of public health and public policy. Students from a variety of backgrounds and fields of study are welcome to apply; applications will be reviewed by the MPH Program Admissions Committee and by the MPA Admissions Committee.

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The 5-year integrated Undergraduate/MPH (UG/MPH) Degree is a rigorous program in professional public health education open to Brown undergraduates of any concentration. Students accepted into the program will complete the degree requirements for both their undergraduate degree and an MPH degree in a five-year period.

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Students accepted to the AB/MPH Program in 2019 or earlier:

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Students interested in the MD/MPH program must apply separately to Alpert Medical School and to the School of Public Health. Regardless of the route of admission to the medical school— PLME, Standard, EIP, Postbaccalaureate, Advanced Standing—all students are eligible to apply for the MPH during the first three years at the Alpert Medical School.

There is no formal path for non-Brown medical students to enroll in the 5-year MD/MPH Program. However, medical students from other schools are welcome to apply to the MPH Program through the standard route and they may request that up to 2 courses from their medical school curriculum count toward the MPH degree.

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Students study at both Tougaloo College and Brown University, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree from Tougaloo and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Brown.

Brown-Tougaloo Partnership in Public Health Education