Five-Year Undergraduate/MPH

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The 5-year integrated Undergraduate/MPH (UG/MPH) degree is a rigorous program in professional public health education open to Brown undergraduates of any concentration.

Students accepted into the program will complete the degree requirements for both their undergraduate degree and an MPH degree in a five-year period. Students must take 12 total course credits toward the MPH (5.5 during their first four years and 6.5 courses in the fifth year). Requirements can be found here.

Students work closely with faculty to design an academic program that meets the core requirements of both the undergraduate degree and the MPH degree, while tailoring the courses, internship experience and thesis to the educational goals of the individual students. Students graduating from the program will be in an excellent position to enter careers in public health research or public health practice. Graduates will also have excellent backgrounds to enter medical school, doctorate programs in public health areas or other advanced degree options including law, public policy, the sciences or humanities.

Brown University undergraduate students from any concentration are eligible to apply to the Five-Year UG/MPH Program. Applications should be completed online through SOPHAS Express:

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In addition to the online application, the following materials are required:

  • Transcripts from all undergraduate institutions
  • Three letters of recommendation, at least two from Brown University faculty
  • A personal statement of understanding of public health and commitment to pursuing a career in public health; statement should explain the relevance of education and/or experience to pursue a career in public health
  • A resume or CV
  • SOPHAS Express application fee ($50)

At the time of application students must have completed or be in the process of completing the following courses:

  • Healthcare in the United States (PHP0310)
  • Introduction to Public Health (PHP0320)

This requirement is in place to assure that students have had adequate exposure to public health training to make an informed decision about applying to the program and to help prepare students to be successful in their future public training (students who have successfully completed an equivalent level of public health training that they would like to substitute for these pre/co-requisites, may request approval for this from the MPH Program prior to applying to the program).

Students are strongly encouraged to apply in their fourth semester (i.e., typically spring of sophomore year) to maximize the planning and mentoring for the program. Applications in the fourth semester should be completed by January 15. The admissions decision may be postponed until the end of the fourth semester so that the grades from those courses can be reviewed. 

Students are required to complete all of the requirements for their chosen undergraduate concentration and the MPH degree. No more than two courses can be used to meet requirements of both the undergraduate concentration and the MPH degree.

UG/MPH Program Requirements

On admission to the UG/MPH Program, students will be assigned an academic advisor who will work with the student to develop an academic plan and monitor progress toward the academic goals. Students must maintain high academic performance in order to continue in the program. This includes maintaining at least a B average in classes, remaining in good academic standing at the University, staying on track to complete all requirements within the five-year time period, and actively participating in all mentoring activities of the UG/MPH Program. Student performance will be evaluated at the end of each semester for all students in the program.