Welcome to the Center for Environmental Health and Technology (CEHT)!

CEHT is dedicated to bringing together environmental health faculty, fellows, students, staff, and practitioners to promote human health and wellbeing globally through research, teaching, and practice in order to improve the physical, chemical, social, and built environment in which we live and work.

Members and affiliates of CEHT investigate the complex connections between human health and the environment (research), support trainees as they develop, learn or apply innovative approaches to important public health problems (training), and engage with governments, communities, and individuals to improve environmental conditions (translation and practice).

Specifically, CEHT:

  1. Provides a hub at Brown University and across the region for global environmental health research and action;
  2. Provides diverse learning opportunities for trainees from any academic background to engage in environmental health research or practice;
  3. Facilitates translation of environmental health research into action through engagement of governments, communities, and individuals.

On this website, you'll find information about our research, teaching, and outreach activities, as well as about the people that make all this possible. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with Center news and events.