Professor Email: j_timmons_roberts@brown.edu Research Profile Office: 135 Angell St. Room 203 or 207

J. Timmons Roberts

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Assistant Professor Email: emily_rauscher@brown.edu Research Profile Office: 400 Maxcy Hall

Emily Rauscher

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Lecturer Associate Director, Masters in Social Analysis and Research Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies Email: carrie_spearin@brown.edu Research Profile Office: 207 Maxcy Hall

Carrie Spearin

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Lecturer Email: lisa_di_carlo@brown.edu Research Profile Office: 404 Maxcy Hall

Lisa Di Carlo

Professor Director, Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences Email: michael_white@brown.edu Research Profile Office: 210 Maxcy Hall

Michael White

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Professor Associate Provost for Academic Space Email: leah_vanwey@brown.edu Research Profile Office: 85 Waterman St. Room 305

Leah VanWey