Research Placement Faculty - Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Track

Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine Faculty offering Research Placements

Mary Carskadon: Psychological, behavioral, social, and biological factors that determine sleep amount and timing for children, adolescents, and emerging adults; sleep, circadian rhythms, and child and adolescent mental health; impact of alcohol on sleep and cognitive behavior in adults; sleep disparities in urban children with asthma. 

Philip Chan, Megan Pinkston-Camp, Brooke Rogers: Behavioral medicine, substance use, and mental health interventions for sexual and racial minorities founded in minority stress and resiliency, HIV prevention among adults.

Shira Dunsiger: Advanced statistical methodology for assessing patterns of behavior change; Longitudinal mediators of intervention effects; Effects of Adherence on Behavioral Outcomes.

Rani Elwy: Health services research and elements of implementation science that are specific to behavioral medicine interventions. Examining patients’ access to and uptake of mental health care and complementary and integrative health services, and communication between patients, families and providers. 

Carly Goldstein: Behavioral obesity treatment; digital health; optimization designs; implementation science; cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment; interventions delivered through integrated care.

Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher: stress reactivity and acute coronary syndromes; psychosocial determinants of atherosclerotic  cardiovascular disease (ASCVD); heart failure and cognitive dysfunction; mind-body interventions to promote cardiovascular health.

Laura Stroud:  Biobehavioral mechanisms of stress, depression, tobacco & substance use. Women's health & health disparities; Maternal stress, substance use and depression during pregnancy and offspring development; marijuana and new tobacco products (hookah, e-cigarettes); Stress response/HPA stress reactivity in infants/children/adolescents.

Graham Thomas: Technology for health behavior assessment and intervention; mHealth/eHealth; Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA); behavioral obesity treatment; weight loss maintenance; bariatric surgery. 

Lisa Uebelacker: Study of physical activity, yoga, and integrated primary care interventions for depression and/or chronic pain, including in the context of HIV or opioid use disorder.

Rena Wing: Behavioral interventions for obesity and for weight gain prevention; Psychological, behavioral, social, and biological factors in weight maintenance; interventions prior to and during pregnancy; health benefits of modest weight loss.