Meet the Team

Stephen J. Sheinkopf, PhD

Stephen J. Sheinkopf, PhD, is an assistant professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Dr. Sheinkopf works as both a clinician and a researcher with expertise is the area of autism and developmental disabilities. Dr. Sheinkopf’s clinical service is focused on the early diagnosis and clinical management of autism. Dr. Sheinkopf is co-director of the Rhode Island Consortium for Autism Research and Treatment

Todd Levine, MD

Todd Levine, MD, provides clinical services at the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Clinic at the Center for Children and Families at Women & Infants Hospital, where he treats children and adults with ASDs and behavior difficulties. Treatment includes medication management, family therapy, individual therapy and school consultation. 

Carolyn McCormick, PhD

Carolyn McCormick, PhD is working on a research project to examine physiological responses in young children and adults with ASD during multiple baselines and different social experiences. Her research interests surround early developmental trajectories of children with ASD. During her graduate work, she used eye tracking to examine learning and reward in young children with ASDs. She holds a PhD and MS in Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Davis and a BS in Psychology from Columbia University. 

Elena Tenenbaum, PhD

Dr. Elena Tenenbaum is a Postdoctoral Fellow whose research focuses on social attention and language learning in typically developing, language delayed, and autistic children. She works with Dr. Stephen Sheinkopf at our Center where she uses eye tracking to explore how children look at the world when they learn new words. She focuses on identifying interventions for autistic and minimally verbal children. She holds holds a PhD in Cognitive Science and Psychology from Brown University. 

Hasmik Tokadjian, Research Assistant

Hasmik joined the Brown Center in 2015 and works as a research assistant primarily for the PHOEBE Study. Hasmik graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and earned her master’s in experimental psychology from the California State University, Northridge. Hasmik plans to pursue a PhD in developmental psychology with a focus on biological risk (e.g., low birth weight, preterm birth, prenatal substance exposure) and wants to study infant and adolescent brain development as a means to understand the mechanisms of socioemotional development. 

Andrea McRostie, Research Assistant

Andrea joined the Brown Center in 2016 and works as a research assistant primarily for the PRO Study. Andrea graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Policy. Andrea plans to either pursue a Masters in clinical psychology or an MBA in International Business with a concentration in Latin American markets.

Jessica Simon, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jessica Simon is a student at Brown University majoring in applied math-biology. She is a volunteer in Dr. Sheinkopf’s lab primarily assisting with the PHOEBE study.  Jessica plans to attend medical school after she completes her undergraduate degree.  She is interested in studying human behavior and is considering a career in psychiatry.


Christopher Phothisane, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Christopher Phothisane joined the Brown Center in 2015 and works as a volunteer research assistant for the RI-CART, PHOEBE, and PRO studies. Christopher is currently an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island majoring in both biological sciences and psychology. He holds an A.A. in general studies with a focus in psychology from the Community College of Rhode Island, were he served as a teaching assistant and tutor in the life and social sciences. Christopher plans to pursue a MD-PhD with a research focus on neuroplasticity and systems neuroscience.

Kristen Sutton, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kristen joined the Brown Center team in 2015 as a volunteer research assistant for the RI-CART project.  Since then, Kristen has assisted with piloting the PHOEBE and PRO studies, designing databases, and assisting with the set-up and recording of assessment visits. Kristen is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Rhode Island.  Kristen plans to earn a Ph. D in clinical psychology and focus on early intervention for children with autism and other developmental delays.