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Relief Effort Coordinator

Brown has appointed Geri Augusto to the position of Coordinator of Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts. She will serve as a part-time member of the staff of President Ruth J. Simmons.

Augusto will recruit individuals for relief efforts, assess Brown’s progress in supporting various initiatives to provide relief, and serve as a liaison to the presidents of Dillard University and Tougaloo College, helping to implement Brown’s assistance programs at those institutions. She will also work closely with her counterpart at Princeton to ensure that the Brown-Princeton partnership to help Dillard rebuild operates as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Augusto is an independent scholar and consultant with special expertise in organizational development, organizational learning, and transformation in higher education. She has done extensive field work in southern Africa in economic development, national systems of innovation, and higher education; served as a consultant to public sector and nonprofit leaders in the United States on change management and leadership; and most recently taught in the master's degree program of the Kennedy School at Harvard from 1994-2002. Augusto received her B.A. in economics from Howard University, her M.P.A. from Harvard University, and her doctorate in education from The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, Brown students, faculty, staff and administration have supported numerous efforts to provide relief. The University is committed to sustaining relief efforts as the recovery continues.