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Brown and Princeton partner with Dillard University to aid rebuilding

Brown and Princeton universities are partnering with Dillard University to restore its operations after the New Orleans institution was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Flooding after the storm left Dillard’s campus under as much as eight feet of water.

Brown and Princeton will invite personnel from their campuses to aid Dillard in vital areas such as physical planning, facilities, libraries, academic offerings, campus life, human resources, computing and development. In addition to covering the costs of their employees involved in the project, Brown and Princeton may donate equipment, academic resources, supplemental consulting and other necessary materials and services.

The project initially will focus on near-term actions that will be necessary to help the Dillard campus re-open but it also will assist Dillard officials in long-term planning. It may take years for the university's infrastructure and operations to be fully restored. The historically black university normally enrolls nearly 2,000 students.

“For so many years and for so many students, Dillard has been a dependable source of support in the struggle to overcome disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Brown President Ruth J. Simmons, a Dillard alumna. “Restoring that beautiful campus and returning its academic programs to their full function will take time, effort, resources and dedication. President Tilghman and I and our universities are prepared to assist President Marvalene Hughes, her staff, her faculty and her students in undertaking this work and seeing it through.”

Simmons will appoint a staff member in her office to coordinate activities with Princeton and Dillard. Karen Jezierny, director of public affairs at Princeton, will coordinate Princeton's activities.

The University is also planning a program of relief for Tougaloo College with which the University has a longstanding relationship. The Tougaloo-Brown Advisory Council is working with Beverly Hogan, President of Tougaloo, to develop a plan to raise funds to support hurricane victims at the Jackson, Mississippi, campus. To donate, visit Tougaloo's Web site and click on the word Giving in the upper right. They also are asking people to give to their Tougaloo Student Aid Fund, as mentioned in this letter.