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7/30/2016Office of Auxiliary Housing
Office of Auxiliary Housing
Box 1902
Providence, RI 02912
Office of Auxiliary Housing
Vartan Gregorian Quadrangle
Building A, Room #111


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05/31/16 August 1, 2016- August 31, 2016 61 Hope Street
Providence, RI

Nellie Robinson
Heat & Utilities Included
Five-bedroom, partially-furnished apartment located 0.2 miles from Brown campus; 500 feet to bus line. Four of the five bedrooms are already taken by friendly & respectful Brown & RISD students. This 2nd/3rd-floor apartment features kitchen w/dishwasher; living room; dining room; storage area; basement laundry facilities, & 2 bathrooms. No pets; no smoking. Internet included. Photos available upon request.