Brown University Off-Campus Listing Service
4/25/2017Office of Auxiliary Housing
Office of Auxiliary Housing
Box 1902
Providence, RI 02912
Office of Auxiliary Housing
Vartan Gregorian Quadrangle
Building A, Room #111


Listing Date: Availability Date: Location:

Rent & Utilities: Comments:
04/19/17 June 15, 2017 - August 15, 2017 245 Brook Street

Anna Horowitz
Heat & Utilities Included
The unit is for two people, so the rent can be divided into $700/month per person. The house is across the street from the Providence Police Station, PieZonis Pizza, Bagel Gourmet, and the East Side Mini Mart. The unit consists of a kitchen, living room and dining room. Parking is available for a fee. No pets/smoking. Sub letter must be Brown affiliated.
04/12/17 June 1, 2017 84 Benevolent Street
Providence, RI

Kevin Li
(412) 874-0922
$700/Per Person/Per Month
Heat & Utilities Included
Beautiful fully furnished 2nd floor 3 bedroom apartment located on campus; 1 block from bus line. Features kitchen; living room; dining room; storage area; available parking; laundry facilities. No pets; no smoking. Sublet will be available until August 31, 2017. Person must be Brown affiliated.
04/03/17 June 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017 193 Brown Street
Providence, RI

(401) 714-9786
E-Mail: n/a
Gas & Electricity Included
Three furnished 1st-floor bedrooms available in 6-bed/mult-level house located within 10-minute walk of Brown campus. Features kitchen w/dishwasher; dining room; living room; 3.5 baths, & free laundry facilities. Internet ready. No pets; smoking allowed. Three parking spaces available for additional fee.
04/03/17 May 15, 2017 14 Barnes Street
Apartment #3
Providence, RI

Claire Gullander
(401) 241-5848
Heat & Utilities Included
Spacious fully furnished 1 bedroom in a 2 bedroom shared 3rd floor apartment located 3 blocks from Brown; 2 blocks to the bus line; near grocery store and train station. Featuring kitchen; living room; dining room; storage are; free basement laundry facilities. Internet included. No pets; no smoking. Apartment available May 15th - August 31st; looking for female graduate/medical student to sublet. Photos available upon request.