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Visiting Scholar Housing

If you are a new faculty/staff member or University guest relocating to Rhode Island , the Auxiliary Housing office can provide you with short-term housing conveniently located on or near campus. This section of the web site has further details and reservation information regarding short-term housing. The Manager, Real Estate & Auxiliary Housing is also available to assist incoming faculty and staff by identifying resources available to them through the University.

There are a limited number of completely furnished apartments located on or near campus which are available to incoming faculty, staff, and visiting scholars who are here for an extended period of time. These apartments range in size from efficiency to two-bedroom units. Monthly rental rates, which include the cost of utilities, local telephone service, and basic cable television, range from $1,050 to $2,100 per month (ICERM rates may differ from rates quoted below). Weekly or daily rates may be available. Wireless internet is now available in all units. Please contact Betty Cotoia for more information.

Housing Options

All accommodations subject to availability. Click links below for more information and photos.



247 Bowen Street 

            Apts. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, & 9

            Apt. 5 (studio)




$1,850 per month/$900 per week/ $150 per night

$1,750 per month/ $900 per week/$150 per night

251 Bowen Street

            Room 1  Room 1

            Rooms 2-10








$1,350 per month; $850/week; $150/night

$1,050 per month; $850/week; $125/night

456 Brook Street

          First Floor

          Second Floor






$2,550 per month/$1,00 per week/$150 per night

$2,000 per month/$1,000 per week/$150 per night

125-127 Waterman Street









$1,750 per month/$800 per week/$150 per night

$1,900 per month/$900 per week/$150 per night

$2,100 per month/$1000 per week/$150 per night