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Distribution of Organizational Mailings

The following guidelines and regulations have been designed in order to aid all qualified University student organizations with mailbox distribution of mailings to their memberships.

Approval of Mailings

For mailings to be approved they must meet the standards described and outlined in these regulations. To avoid unnecessary expenses, we suggest that you seek advice at the Student Service Window prior to having material printed.

All mailings must be submitted at the Student Service Window (hours of operation, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Saturday). All preparations (folding, addressing, etc.) must be done prior to submitting a mailing for sorting. Mailings must be addressed with a mailbox number and be in ascending box number order. When mailing to undergraduate students use of a name is optional.

When seeking advice or submitting a mailing, please ask to speak (in the numerical sequence as indicated below) with one of the following University Mail Services' employees. If one of the following employees is not available, ask to speak with the manager.

  1. Paul Deissler, Supervisor
  2. Scott Caldwell, Senior Mail Clerk
  3. Designated "person-in-charge"

Approved mailings will be sorted by mailroom staff. However, mailings must be submitted at least three working days before the day of an event to meet deadlines for delivery.

Mailing Standards

Size Requirements
Minimum Size: 2 - 1/2" X 5"
Maximum Size: 4 - 1/2" X 8 - 1/2"
Full Sheets of : Must be:
8-1/2" X 11" folded in thirds
8-1/2" X 5-1/2" folded in half
8-1/2" X 14" folded in fourths
8-1/2" X 7" folded in half

For mailings to be approved they must meet the following standards.

  • The material must coincide with the student organization's charter or constitution.
  • It must comply with the broad objectives of the University.
  • It must meet University political and entrepreneurial guidelines.
  • Material may not be closed against inspection. A return address is required when envelopes are used.
  • All material to be placed in mailboxes must originate on campus.
  • Mailings which request a written reply must have replies addressed to the organization's campus mailbox.
  • All material must conform to the size requirements and prominently bear the name of the sponsoring University student organization.

Political Mailings

Campus organizations and departments may use campus mail to publicize on-campus political forums and discussions but cannot use campus mail or the Mail Service Facility to endorse, promote, or raise money for a candidate for public office. Mail Services cannot be used to promote a political person, cause, organization or lobby. As with political mailings, correspondence which promotes, either by advertisement, invitation, or any other form of solicitation, a non-University, off-campus organization or business enterprise may not be sent as campus mail.

Mass Mailings

Mass mailings are not permitted. Organizations are encouraged to use those alternate means of publicity (e.g., the BDH, posters, publications, etc.) which are available to them.

Exceptions to this, which must be requested in advance in writing through University Mail Services, may be granted only in those instances where the information is clearly of interest to the entire Brown community and where there is no reasonable alternative to dissemination in this manner. A mailing sample must be provided with all requests. All such published announcements must conform to the mailing standards described above. Subsequent mailings are not permitted when an exception is granted.

In the event that the Office of Student Activities publishes a listing of all university student organizations, those student organizations formed after the listing is published are allowed one mass mailing for the sole purpose of a membership drive.

All regulations aforementioned also apply in this situation. If however, the Office of Student Activities does not publish a listing of all university student organizations, this special mass mailing exception will not be extended to any student organization. When exceptions are granted, student organizations or individual students may be responsible for sorting the mailing. Dates and times of access will be at the discretion of University Mail Services.

Invitational Mailings

A reasonable number of invitations may be submitted for on-campus, registered social events. On the occasion of an off-campus event, the executive officers of the University are responsible for deciding which items relating to the event may be placed into mailboxes.

The following guidelines should be considered when planning an off-campus invitational mailing.

  • Events must not be of an obviously personal concern but should meet a community need.
  • Notices require express University office co-sponsorship or support given on a limited basis for special occasions.
  • Notices must be in accordance with other University and Mail Service policies.



  • Restrictions are imposed for reasons of liability and operational concerns.
  • Material which is patently obscene, derogatory or which does not meet size and format specifications set by University Mail Services is prohibited.
  • Departments may not authorize or present a student organizational mailing as a departmental mailing.
  • Notices may not be attached to the outside of mailboxes.
  • Promotion of alcohol consumption is prohibited.
  • Recognition of financial/material support by a business/individual is limited to name and address only. Telephone numbers, logos, or any form of promotion of a supporter is prohibited.