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Brown Building Security Initiative (BBSI)


The Department of Public Safety is pleased to announce an exciting new campus security program, the Brown Building Security Initiative. This program is being generated to promote voluntary efforts to enhance workplace security by developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships with various academic and non-academic department chairs. It is our hope that through these partnerships we can enhance our ability to assess the security of university buildings, and address possible factors that may compromise the safety of the Brown community and our facilities.

The objectives we have identified for this new initiative include:

  • Promote the assessment of the security of academic departments and physical spaces.
  • Offer a mechanism to efficiently address issues that may potentially compromise the security of university facilities.
  • Develop and enhance partnerships within the community and further advance the department's community policing and crime prevention efforts into various academic and non-academic spaces across campus.
  • Streamline communications with staff and faculty about safety awareness and security issues.

DPS firmly believes that success in achieving greater safety and security on campus is dependent upon the involvement and active participation of many individuals and departments.

Please call 863-1348 for additional information.