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Community Relations and Outreach Bureau

The Community Relations and Outreach Bureau, formerly known as the Special Services Bureau, acts as a liaison and iinformation resource to each diverse sector of the community. The bureau also conducts workshops on assertiveness/awareness, stalking awareness, crime prevention, dormitory safety, RAD Systems Basic Self Defense classes, and many other issues of campus and personal safety.  The CROB works closely with members of the Community Policing Bureau to sponsor socials, and other outreach programs that facilitate dialogue between DPS Officers and students.

Other responsibilities of the bureau include oversight of the department's public relations initiatives to include website development and maintenance, publication development, coordination of the department's awareness campaigns and community service initiatives.

The department's New Officer Orientation Program, Diversity Awareness Training Program, the TWTP Annual DPS Workshop, and the annual "Be Safe Brown!" Campus Safety Resource Fair include some of the special programs that are coordinated by CROB staff.

The bureau is responsive to community needs. Members of the community should feel comfortable bringing problems related to community awareness, safety and security, and police-communitiy relations to our staff and feel confident that their concerns will be addressed.


Manager, Michelle E. Nuey, 3-2542
Crime Prevention Officer, Mark J. Perry, 3-1438
Crime Prevention/Outreach Assistant, Thomas Shelton, 3-1379
Safewalk Coordinator, Sarah Schade, 3-1079
Social Media Coordinator, Aisha Cannon, 3-5117