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Guide To Making Citizen Comments, Complaints & Inquiries - FAQS

When should I fill out a Commendation Recommendation Form?

A Commendation Recommendation Form should be completed by any campus community member who wishes to recognize an officer’s professionalism, service, and other courteous acts while in the performance of duty. Commendation forms may also be completed for other department personnel. The officer/staff will receive a copy or the compliment and the original will be maintained in his/her personnel file. The letter of compliment will be forwarded to the DPS commendation board for consideration.

When should I fill out a Complaint/Inquiry Form?

A Complaint Form should be completed by any campus community member who has experienced, witnessed, or has direct knowledge of Officer/staff misconduct. Misconduct may defined as alleged illegal activity, violation(s) of The Code of Professional Standards, violations of trust and authority involving civil or legal rights of others, and/or violations of any city, state, or federal law. You should also complete a complaint form if you feel you were mistreated in anyway by an officer, or other DPS personnel.

When should I fill out a Field Stop Inquiry Form?

If you have been stopped by a DPS officer feel concerned about the interaction, or don't understand a certain aspect of your encounter with an officer,you may contact us with such comments about the field stop and we will seek to address your concerns. Inquiries may be submitted online as well by completing our Field Stop Inquiry Form.

Can I remain anonymous when filing a Complaint?

Yes. You have the option to remain anonymous. But you should be aware, reporting anonymously limits the scope of the investigation as there will be no chance to subsequently interview the Complainant.

If I file a Complaint anonymously, will there still be an investigation?

Yes. All complaints are documented, reviewed, and investigated by the departments Internal Affairs Unit, overseen by the manager of the Professional Standards Bureau.

For more information, please call the Professional Standards Bureau at 3-3313.