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Public Safety Oversight Committee (PSOC)


The Public Safety Oversight Committee (PSOC) was established to serve in an advisory capacity to the Executive Vice President for Planning & Policy and the Chief of Police for the purpose of reviewing the practices, policies and procedures of the Department of Public Safety, and making policy recommendations where appropriate.


The PSOC will be comprised of seventeen regular members appointed for terms of two years.  Initial appointments will be made for one or two years to facilitate staggered terms such that approximately one-half the appointments will expire each year.  The membership will consist of the following: three faculty appointed by faculty in accordance with the Faculty Rules and Regulations; three administrators appointed by the Executive Vice President for Planning & Policy; two members of the Department of Public Safety appointed by the Chief of Police; three undergraduate students appointed by the Undergraduate Council of Students; one medical student appointed by the Medical Student Council; one graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Council; two staff members appointed by the Staff Advisory Council and two individuals external to the University appointed by the Senior Vice-President for Corporation Affairs and Governance. 

In addition to the regular members the Chief of Police, the Executive Vice President for Planning & Policy, the Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services or his/her designee, and the Chair of the OCRB will serve as ex officio members of the PSOC.


In the performance of its duties, it is expected that the PSOC will meet two times per semester.  At the request of the Chief of Police or the Executive Vice President for Planning & Policy, the PSOC may meet at additional times during the year for purposes as may be specified.  The PSOC shall receive information regarding the Department of Public Safety training, practices, and policies, including policies governing the use of force, and general data and information about complaints filed with the Department of Public Safety.  The PSOC should prepare an annual report for the Chief of Police and the Executive Vice President for Planning & Policy, containing an account of Department of Public Safety complaint activity for the preceding year, and making policy recommendations where necessary and appropriate. 


The 2013-2014 Membership of the PSOC is as follows:

1. Russell Carey Executive Vice President for Planning & Policy
2. Mark Porter Colonel / Chief of Police
3. Daniel Resnick-Ault Medical Student
4. Liza Cariaga-Lo Associate Provost for Academic Development and Diversity
5. Margaret Klawunn VP Campus Life & Student Services
6. James Simmons Professor of Biology
7. Timothy Shiner Director, Campus Center & Student Activities
8. James Green Deputy Counsel
9. John Ryan Lieutenant / Providence Police Department
10. Justin Pace Public Safety Officer / BUSPA President
11. Bruce Holt Lieutenant / DPS Professional Standards
12. Michelle Nuey Community Outreach Manager
13. Kapil Dev Graduate Student
14. Kathleen Nelson Student Affairs Coordinator, Music
15. Aditya V. Kumar Undergraduate Student
16. Reese Middler Field Coordinator, Bio Med Institute of Community Health Promotion
17. Peter Holden Director, Facilities Planning & Operations
18. Amy Greenwald Associate Professor of Computer Science
19. Charles Carroll Graduate Student
20. L. Peter Gromet Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences
21. Jarod Ferreira Undergraduate Student
22. Adam Kemerer Undergraduate Student




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