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Card Access

Security of both person and property in residence halls relies greatly on the precautions taken by student residents. Room doors, exterior doors, basements, adjacent fire escapes, and fire doors on every floor should be kept locked at all times. Alarms will sound for any exterior doors propped open where the door is controlled by card access. Do not prop doors open. Close any doors you find propped open. Any thefts or attempted thefts as well as suspicious activity should be reported immediately to Police and Security so that officers may be dispatched to investigate.

As a result of the installation of Card Access in all residential dorms and in several administrative buildings on campus, there has been a significant decrease in the number of burglaries. There is a 24 hour monitoring of the system and an officer is dispatched if a door is propped or held open too long. As with all technology, thesystem is not infallible, but thus far it has been instrumental in providing increased protection to residents and their property. Nevertheless, all students are advised to remain vigilant with regard to security matters.