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RAD Systems Self-Defense Programs


The Fall 2013 R.A.D. Course Schedule will be posted on September 13, 2013. The first R.A.D. for women program will
begin October 2, 2013. Watch Brown Morning Mail for registration details.


RAD LogoRAD for Women
R.A.D (Rape Aggression Defense) is a nationally known self defense program. R.A.D's program objective is to develop and enhance the options of self defense so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked. The program consists of lecture, discussion, instruction, and hands-on simulation. This dynamic program has the ability to empower ANY woman by providing her with the skills necessary to avoid, resist, and defend against an attack if she so chooses.
National resistance statistics show that women do fight back instinctively during an attack. R.A.D. strives to cultivate that internal, self-preservation instinct so that women are knowledgeable of both risk-reduction and avoidance strategies, as well as hands-on resistance strategies. This program also educates women that survival comes in many forms, and that compliance is also an option.

The course is 12 hours, and will be offered with 4- 3 hour classes (nights). The last 3-hours of the course entails an evening simulation exercise, where you actually employ the techniques and skills you have learned against trained simulators, in a controlled environment. The course is suitable for women of all physical abilities, and you will be encouraged to go at your own pace.

RAD for Women Certified Instructors:
Michelle Nuey, Manager of Community Relations and Outreach, SVU
Campus Police Officer, Patricia Fortier "Officer Pat"
Campus Police Officer, James Massey

RAD for Men
The Resistance Against  Aggression (RAD) Program for men is designed to provide participants with information, tactics and considerations that can be useful for various types of confrontational encounters perpetrated against men.  The objective for this program is to provide responsible information and tactical options of self-defense for men who find themselves in confrontational situations.  The curriculum consists of two components: 1) an educational component focusing on risk-awareness and risk-reduction education, and 2) a physical/tactical component focusing on basic resistance techniques.  The program will also focus on exploring traditional masculine roles and offer strategies for men to deescalate situations and walk away without losing face. 

The course is 8 hours, and will be offered with 4- 2 hour classes (nights).  The course is suitable for men of all physical abilities, and you will be encouraged to go at your own pace. .
RAD for Men Certified Instructors:
Campus Police Officer, Antonio Bento
Security Officer, Justin Dellefemine
Campus Police Officer, Lawrence Scott

Upon the completion of the RAD programs you will receive a lifetime participation and practice rights with R.A.D. Meaning, anywhere there is a R.A.D program in the city, state, or nation, you may participate at no cost. Participants wishing to come back to subsequent RAD classes to refresh skills are welcomed. However, simulations are scheduled only for current course participants.

For more information , please call Michelle Nuey, RAD Program Coordinator, at 863-2542.

"Thank you for doing something to help women on campus. I am just one woman that has benefited immensely with this training. I feel more confident in my ability to handle a situation if it should arise and how to avoid situations in the first place. Now I find myself teaching my female friends how to avoid situations that they had no idea they were putting themselves into. Thank you.!!
T.S., Brown Staff Member
"I am so grateful to have been able to participate in R.A.D this semester. I think every woman should be able to defend herself or least become more aware of her environment; know how to prevent a possible dangerous situation from occurring; or how to get herself out of one. The class was well worth my time. And the simulation at the end was not as scary as I thought it would be. I have never felt more empowered and confident walking down the street."
N. A., Brown Grad Student