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Security Officer Qualifications Information

Nature of Work

Security Officer
The Security Officer plays an integral role in patroling and securing the safety of the campus. Active patroling of buildings and property on foot and bicycle, enables our officers to remain proactive in their efforts to protect the Brown community.

Each day Security Officers interface with various members of the University community to include students, staff, faculty, and visitors. Visitors range from parents, distinguished scholars, and other celebrity figures. Officers will occassionally work in coordination with other state, and federal secret service agents to offer protection for visiting dignitaries.

What about the position?
The Security Officer is a non-sworn uniformed, civilian employee of the Brown University Department of Pubic Safety.

What are the responsibilities of a Security Officer?

1.)Prevention patrol of the post. External patrol and internal inspection of all University property and development of a working knowledge of the activity and community on the post.
2. Protection of property.
3. Enforcement of all University rules and regulations.
4. Providing non-criminal services to the Brown University Community.
5. Must be able to provide rescue functions.
6. Writing non-criminal reports and witness statements as dictated by their responsibilities.
7. Testifying in any University hearing or criminal court necessitated by performance.
8. Assisting the Campus Police Officer when called upon.
9. Initiate and enhance communication between the Department and the community.
10. Assist with identifying problems to community awareness and communications.

What are some illustrative examples of the job?
The Security Officer will patrol and take action only on University property and in University buildings. They will be responsible for their post assignment and will handle all non-criminal situations in that area.

The SO will report hazardous conditions and physical security problems; they will admit authorized people to University buildings; they will perform lock-up responsibilities;

The SO will conduct building patrols and provide information to guests and members of the Brown University campus and will respond to complaints of violations of University rules and regulations.

The SO will perform rescue functions in emergencies, such as fires and work in coordination with Emergency Medical Services.

The SO will forge partnerships with the community it serves and take an active role in the departments Community Policing and Diversity Outreach Programs as appropriate.

What are the qualifications for the position?

l. Must be able to engage in security functions that include such things as working various shifts, walking on foot patrol, climbing stairs and physically checking the doors and windows of buildings to ensure that they are secure.

2. Must be able to perform and directly assist in rescue operations which may involve lifting, carrying and dragging heavy objects, climbing over and pulling oneself over obstacles, jumping down from elevated surfaces, climbing through openings, jumping over obstacles, crawling in confined areas, balancing on uneven or narrow surfaces and using body force to gain entrance through barriers.

3. Must have a high school diploma/GED and be capable of communicating effectively and coherently over radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications.

4. Must be able to prepare reports using appropriate grammar and mathematical computations.

5. Must be a United States citizen and 21 years of age or older

6. Must have a valid driver's license

7. Must pass a background investigation.

8. Must pass a psychological examination administered by the University of Rhode Island, and a physical examination administered by University Health Services.

9. Must successfully pass this Department's Security Officer training program, including receiving instruction on Use of Force policy as it applies to Security Officers, and demonstrating proficiency with PR-24 & ASR.

10. Must successfully complete a 12 month probationary period (six months if promoted into this position) An employee transferred or promoted from a part-time to a full-time position, or an employee transferred or promoted during the first twelve months of employment with the Department, shall serve a twelve (12) month probation in the new position.

11. Must be able to communicate with sensitivity and tact and maintain confidentiality.

12. Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to develop and maintain mutually cooperative relationships with a diverse population of students, staff, faculty and the neighboring community.