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Graduation & After

Estimated Date of Completion (EDOC)

One goal of the present tuition regulations (see Tuition Regulations) is to enable the University to manage enrollment in the College more effectively. It is essential that this be done to the maximum extent possible. Accordingly, all currently enrolled students are assigned an expected date of completion (EDOC). This information is sent annually to all students with instructions to confirm the assignments or to work out any necessary adjustment with the registrar. Any extension of enrollment beyond the student's official EDOC will have to be applied for by December 1 for the spring semester and June 1, for the fall semester.

Students with an EDOC of December or May will be included on a list of probable graduates for May of that given academic year. Students whose plans have changed (i.e., their EDOC is in the current academic year but they will not graduate or their EDOC is not in the current academic year but they plan to graduate this May) should notify Student Records Division in the Office of the Registrar, Room 319, J. Walter Wilson Hall as soon as possible. It is essential that the registrar be kept informed of any changes affecting student's EDOC and/or clearance for the awarding of a degree, including degree candidacy and changes to declared concentration programs.

Graduate students who do not update their EDOC may be refused some University services, for example, library services. Updating the EDOC should prevent any confusion with a student's lender.

Revising a Concentration

If there have been changes to the set of courses that are to be counted toward your concentration(s), the first page of your concentration declaration(s) needs to be filed again. The form for doing so is available in the registrar's office; it requires approval from your concentration advisor. It is urgent that you attend to any concentration revisions before the beginning of your last semester because academic departments clear students for graduation on the basis of the concentration on record at that time. Be warned that an unrevised and outdated concentration declaration may cause you to be removed from the official graduation list

Graduate and Medical Students

All students who plan to receive a degree in May must file an Application to Graduate no later than the last business day in April of the commencement year. If your plans change after filing the application, the registrar must be informed immediately

Post-Commencement Changes to Records

After graduation, University policy is that all records held by the University must be maintained as they were at the time the degree was conferred. Once the student graduates or otherwise leaves the campus, the student's file is closed and, for protection and security, backed-up or archived. Files such as these cannot be changed.

Replacement of Diplomas

Brown University does not provide for duplicate copies of diplomas. A replacement diploma may be ordered from the Office of the Registrar in situations where the original diploma has been lost or damaged. Replacement diplomas will be reissued in the format currently used and for years prior to May 2002 will bear the signatures of the current University President. For years from 2002 on it will bear the signature of the President in office at the time of degree conferral. All diplomas regardless of year will bear the signature of the current Secretary of the Corporation. Please allow for up to 30 days for replacement diploma to arrive from the date the request is received to process. Requestors will be notified via email when the diploma has been mailed.

Note: The name on the replacement diploma will be identical to the name that was listed in the Official Brown University Commencement Bulletin in the year the degree was received. Name changes post-award are not allowed. The cost for ordering a replacement diploma is $25.00 and checks/money orders should be made payable to Brown University and enclosed with the Request form.

Brown University policy requires that all requests for diploma replacements be submitted in writing, signed by the person to whom the record belongs, and notarized by a Notary Public to validate the authenticity of the requestor on the Request Form. In addition, any replacement requests will not be processed until all outstanding financial obligations to the University are satisfied.

Download the Request for Replacement Diploma now.

Certified Copies of Diplomas and/or Apostille

The Office of the Registrar can notarize a copy of your diploma at no additional charge. Those graduates requesting diplomas for employment/educational purposes overseas may need to investigate what authentication may be required by the country where the diploma will be presented.

Should any country requiring a diploma also require an apostille, we can forward your notarized copy of diploma to the Rhode Island Secretary of State's office. If you are pursuing this option, please ensure that you include a check in the amount of $5.00 per document made payable to the Secretary of State of Rhode Island along with a legible copy of your diploma. In addition, kindly include a letter along with your request with your date of birth, dates of attendance, degree received, and for which nation the apostille is needed. You will also need to provide an address to where you would like the documents to be sent so this info can be provided to the Secretary of State's Office.

NOTE: The Office of the Registrar does NOT keep copies of your diploma. You should always maintain your original diploma. You MUST provide a legible copy of it when making your request for certification and/or apostille OR order a replacement diploma by following the instructions in the section above.

For further information on certified copies of diplomas and/or the apostille process please contact

Diploma Translations

Are you hoping to get a Brown diploma? Do you already have one? Do you get a little uneasy when you show someone your diploma and it says you graduated from someplace in "Rhodiensis Insulae Republica"?

For those who want to know what their diplomas say—whether for their own sakes or that of others—English translations of Brown's various diplomas are provided here.

Undergraduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma

Medical Diploma