Material for EN123 is best viewed on its internet website, with homepage,
since the links are live on the site.

The pages of the EN123 website are composed with Dreamweaver, with equations set in Mathtype and inserted as GIF's on pages. Archive pages were composed with Cyberleaf.

On the website the syllabus for the course is at syllabus_location.

The grading contract is at grading_contract_location.

The descriptions of the labs and quizzes are linked at the scorecard.

No textbook is required. Lecture notes are linked at Lectures.

Because of the arrangement of the BME curriculum at Brown, we cannot require that all students take the sophomore circuits course before EN123. As a consequence, on Tues and Thurs in September lectures and demos reviewing material from the "engineering core" are given, and linked at Tutorials.

Examples of student work: As you can tell from reading the grading contract, there is no "partial credit" in EN123: all accepted and signed-off work must meet specifications and have correct answers. For students it's a matter how long (generally in hours) that may take for each Lab or Quiz. A student will be awarded a C, B, or A grade depending on how many labs and quizzes are completed by the end of the semester, as announced at the beginning of the semester in the grading contract.

EN123 is at Brown University is an official "WRIT" course meaning that each student must submit 2 essays (on themes of instrumentation or ethics) that are marked up by Prof Daniels and revised to his satisfaction by the student. Examples of students essays are provided in the EN123 portfolio.

In a separate file are examples of student lab work (3 examples for each assignment, mostly from Fall 2013). To fully appreciate the examples you would need to be with a computer running
LabVIEW 7.1 or later rev
Matlab 7 or higher
Arduino 1.0.5 or higher
Microsoft EXCEL and Word