Lecture notes for EN123
(2005) some notes are still in Cyberleaf/Interleaf format...

Instrumention Specs

Amplifiers: From Ideal to Real

Sensitivity vs Range design tradeoff: example: human rods and cones
(Sensitivity being an analog of amplifier gain...)

Electrical Safety, Grounding and Noise

Global Positioning Satellite (9/11 lecture)

Temperature Transducers

Filter Design

Sampling Theorem, Aliasing, Digital Filtering
A-D conversion

Strain Gauges

Nernst potential and cable equation, conduction velocity
Electrodes: the metal-aqueous interface

Small Samples, Hypothesis Testing and correlation
Review Notes on Probability & Statistics

Case Study on Relative Humidity Sensing
by John Powning '84, from Sensata, in Attleboro MA
previous lecture on pressure transduction:
Case Study on Pressure Transduction,

Automatic Control Basics
Feedback Derivation for Negative Gain Summation Circuit

Actin-myosin crossbridge cycling in striated muscle (for Lab LT)
and another set of the notes, for Lab VT,
Hill's equation for muscle tension-velocity curve

Rotating machinery notes