EN123 Scorecard 2013         Name:______________________________

Lab ID
Lab Title & Description
Lab Minus 1* Burn out a 524 Instrumentation Amplifier 3 Sept 7, 2013 JDD
Lab 0 LabVIEW "For" loop with Analog Out 5    
Lab Point 5 LabVIEW "While" loop in service of Pulse Height Window Discriminator 7    
Lab 0.8 LabVIEW array transfered to a spreadsheet 10    
Lab 1 Gain Bandwidth Product of LF353 op amp, with microphone pickup 8    
Lab 2 Common Mode Rejection Ratio in AD524 inst. amp, with orientation-sensing phototransistors 10    
Lab 3 Being Grounded: Neutral-to-Ground Voltage, Ground Loops, GFI : Electrical Safety 8  


Lab 4Pre

Simulated Rover Touching a Wall: Read/Write on LV Digital I/O

Lab4Lam Simulating Phototransistor Feedback for Rover Orientation to Goal 12    
Lab4Rov Code Arduino for Robot Rover knocking over distant block 18    
Lab 5 Thermistors Sensing Temperatures of Heat Gun Air Flow and Stirred Cold Water 8    
Lab 6 FFT & Sample Rate Aliasing : Digital Scope vs LabVIEW 10    
Lab 7 Strain Gauges on fiberglass/bone in a Wheatstone Bridge 8    
Lab 8 Recording from leg spine-sensitive nerve fibers in Blaberus roach "femur" 10    
Lab 8T Thor DRV001 linear actuator for stimulus-response of blaberus spine 12    
 ADA Analog to Digital to Analog Conversion: Exponential Decay Challenge 16    
Lab 9 / 9Q Bimanual Knob Rotation Frequency and Hypothesis Testing with EXCEL Data Analysis Tool   Lab 9Q: Quadrature Encoding 8/12    
A16 EMG Spectrum: Skin Electrodes Recording from Thumb Muscle 12    
Lab-en-stein Servo control by Arduino: robot hand "tendons" to pick up chopsticks, i.d. (20)    
Fan Lab Proportional Feedback Control of Air Flow from Fan System 16    
Lab VT Tandem Bike for Demonstration of Hill's Muscle Velocity-Tension Equation: CO2/O2 gas analyzer and rotation sensor 20    
Lab LT/LTA Length-Tension Curve of Frog Gastrocnemius Muscle 8/14    
LabZilla Accelerometer / gyro sensor / telemetry, in development (20)    
Quiz 0 Ohm's Law, KCL applied to circuit analysis 4    
Q 1/Filt Quiz VCVS Bandpass or Band-reject Filter Design with Matlab node admittance matrix calc 10    
Quiz 2 Calculations for Strain Gauges in a Wheatstone Bridge (Example Quiz) 10    
Quiz 3 Dynamic Feedback System Question (example) 12    
Amp Quiz based on Amplifier lectures 6    
Defib Quiz Calculate values of L, C, V for defibrillator design 6    
Nernst Quiz Nernst potential or cable equation question: based on lecture material 6    
Stat Quiz Small sample size significance, or Poisson distribution vesicle counting Q 6    
Muscle/Motor Q. based on "Rotating Machinery" or "Hill's Equation" lectures 6    
WRIT 1 Writing assgn 1: propose phosphate filtration in dialysis 8    
WRIT 2 Writing assgn 2: Suggest rapid pathology test in MOHS procedure 8    
Eval Forms Attend last day of class, fill out evaluation forms, have this line of the scorecard signed...enjoy refreshments 3    

* In keeping with the concept of negative numbers you receive credit for Lab Minus One by NOT doing it. Thus if you do Lab -1 you WON'T receive credit for it!